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Find the Perfect Pampering Place

01/11/2006 12:00AM ● By Brandi Barnett

Holiday Havens

December 2006
Holiday Havens

Let’s face it—this is a beauty-crazed world and everywhere you look, more and more
day spas, medi-spas, and lunch-hour Botox parlors are popping up on every street corner.

What’s a modern-day gal (or guy) supposed to do? Is there more to a pedicure than just the
color of polish? I mean, OPI’s I’ve Got the Blues for Red is my favorite this season, but what
about the person applying it? Don’t your feet deserve the same respect as your neck,
shoulders, and nether regions?

I say yes, and I’m here to help take the guesswork out of choosing a place to relax, refresh
and rejuvenate.

For many of us who are harried and hectic, atmosphere is the name of the game.Who
wants fluorescent lighting or sterile lab coats? I want to relax, and to me that means soft
lighting, candles and music.

The moment you step inside the welcoming wooden structure along the Sacramento River,
you are instantly met with the subtle trickle of a fountain and the serenity of Complexions
Face and Body.

“People are so busy,” said Dawna Salado, owner of Complexions. “People don’t sit down,
don’t relax, don’t unwind. They can come in here, sit down, relax, and enjoy a feeling of
calmness that’s just so hard to find these days. It’s all about them when they come here.”

Salado, a mother of two, knows the importance of taking time for oneself.

So does Janine Susich, owner of Urban Retreat. Susich believes that health and taking care
of oneself go hand in hand. Both of these women understand the need for relaxation and
pampering in today’s schedule-driven climate. Urban Retreat offers a modern, sophisticated
approach, without being pretentious or uptight. “We’re the fun, relaxing, upbeat place where people won’t ‘sshh’ you,” said Susich. “We’re kind of the party spa.”

And a party it is, indeed. Urban Retreat offers many distinctive treatments, such as
Ladies’ Night, which caters to four to six women at once, and includes two
treatments, beverages and appetizers. Urban Retreat has two massage rooms,
specializing in side-by-side and group massage, an aesthetician room catering to
epicurean skin care, and a pedicure room.

“We offer warm, welcoming, cutting-edge treatments; we’re contemporary and men feel comfortable coming in because we’re not pink and ruffly,” Susich added.

Ditto for Complexions; earthy and rustic, it’s an inviting environment for anyone.
It also offers two massage therapists in addition to Salado’s skincare treatments. Such
atmosphere sets the day spas apart from the medi-spas, which have recently gained
popularity for their “quick fixes.”

Avalon Medical Rejuvenation offers services such as microdermabrasion, facial
peels, lasers and ultrasound, which work on acne, hyperpigmentation and sun
damage. According to Nicole Molyneux, spa coordinator at Avalon, they try to offer
a soothing atmosphere, not decorated like a doctor’s office, to help with a little bit of
that day spa “fluff.” Avalon offers complimentary consultations involving
computerized skin analysis to score skin on things like sun damage, pore size and
condition, and redness. That way, clients can come in beforehand and evaluate what
treatment is right for them.

Of course, there are also the “quickies,” said Molyneux, such as Botox and
Restylane, which are very popular among the busy. And Avalon offers treatments for
varicose veins, laser hair removal and cellulite care.

Marilu Tortoric, clinic manager at Advance Laser Clinic of Redding, says not only
has the demand for these types of services grown—the demand for knowledge has
grown as well. Clients are taking the time to learn about what procedures they’re
having done. “The more knowledge they have, the happier they are with the results,
because they understand how the procedure works, what is being done and why.”

A specialized clinic, Advanced Laser Clinics offers “painless” laser hair removal,
photo rejuvenation, which is performed by nurses, and microdermabrasion and
waxing done by an aesthetician. Tortoric appreciates the fact that clients are
educating themselves prior to their visit. “We’re using lasers on them—it’s a big
deal,” she said. “We want them to be knowledgeable and know what we’re doing.”

There are many places to go for pampering—new spas and doctors’ offices are
popping up all over the North State. Just be sure to look at more than the Yellow
Pages before you ante up. Hygiene, references, and licensing all play a vital role in
creating a reputable business.With all of these wonderful services available, you
would be foolish not to partake in the pampering. Ask a friend who does their
brows/lips/toes and you just might be surprised.

“Feedback is great from the community,” Susich said. “Redding is a very word-of-mouth
town. You do one great service and they tell someone and it snowballs, and
before you know it, you have a great clientele.” �

Complexions Face and Body
1903 Park Marina, Redding
(530) 242-0350

Urban Retreat
1302 Court Street, Redding
(530) 247-1502

Avalon Medical Rejuvenation
2420 Sonoma Street, Redding
(530) 247-3223

Advanced Laser Clinics of Redding
1007 Dana Drive, Redding
(530) 222-8740

Renew Medi Spa
2626 Edith Avenue, Redding
(530) 241-7772

The Spa Downtown Inc.
1452 Oregon Street, Redding
(530) 242-1771

1950 California Street, Redding
(530) 244-1950
[email protected]

1810 Market Street, Redding
(530) 245-4500