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Fall Fashion... Weather Permitting

10/01/2006 10:02AM ● By Brandi Barnett
By Sara Gray

It’s fall once again. The leaves begin to change, school starts and the
temperature begins to drop below 80 degrees – unless you live in the Redding
area, that is. Here, the average high for September is 90 degrees, according to the
Western Regional Climate Center. Not the fall temperature most people think

When I first moved to Redding from the much cooler Oregon Coast, I was amazed that I could lay out on the lawn after dark in shorts. I think I owned two pair of them. I came to school innocently expecting a real fall. Sure, I knew it would be hot, but it took me a couple of months to stop carrying a sweatshirt around with me all of the time. Even when I was in shorts or skirts, I felt like I should have to change into something warmer.

Redding’s hot and sometimes unpredictable fall can make choosing what to wear a dilemma. The temperature says hot and summery, but the calendar says autumn is here and things should be cooling down. Elizabeth Tabor, owner of Elizabeth’s, a boutique in Redding, said that the weather definitely affects what she stocks. Companies that want to send her merchandise often do not understand our weather. However, since Tabor was born and raised in Redding and understands the hot weather, she has no problem stocking her store with Redding-appropriate clothes.

Here are some ways she suggests to make the fall fashion work in the heat. First, color. Tabor said that the key colors for fall are plums and purples. Also, choose what is wearable now but will also go with the fall fashion as the temperature drops. Fortunately, the 2006 fall season has plenty of variety.
The July 2006 edition of Elle magazine lists three keys for fall fashion: lace, leather and black. While Northern Californian residents may have to wait to wear the last two, they can make use of the first. Elle lists Victorian style black lace as especially trendy.

And to the delight or chagrin of many, the 80s trend continues to be strong. In Elle it is called “Flashback Fever.” This includes the off-the-shoulder trend, baggy shirts and sweaters and bold colors.

Wide belts have also been listed as a “must have.” “Wide belts are everywhere this fall,” said Kate Dimmock, fashion director for Shop Etc. in the Elle August 2006 issue.

Though I can’t dig out those stirrup pants that are somewhere in my closet, leggings are even bigger this season than they were last season. This look is a great way to shift between short summer skirts and warm winter clothes. If that skirt is too cold, simply put a pair of leggings underneath. Shop Etc. even dedicates a whole article to them in the August 2006 issue. However, the headline makes a disclaimer that may or may not work: “hush any of those 80s notions. This time around, fabrics work magic, cuts are flattering and they’re begging to be layered.”

Whether you prefer Victorian lace or leggings, the Fall 2006 season has something for everyone.