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Takin It to the Streets - Cannonball Custom Cycles

10/01/2006 10:31AM ● By Brandi Barnett
By Marty Sternberg

�The growing popularity of custom motorcycle shows such as “American Chopper” and “Biker Build-Off” has fueled a renewed interest in choppers. Once a bad-boy machine limited to those who lived on the fringes of society, today that image – like the bikes themselves – is evolving. Today’s custom bike owners are more likely to be doctors and lawyers as stereotypical bikers.

Growing along with the popularity of the bikes is the industry itself. More and more bikers are looking for shops where one-of-a-kind machines are crafted.

Cannonball Custom Cycles, located in Redding, is one such shop. Brothers Ryan and Jason Schuppert started making custom bikes for a living in 2002.

“Finding a way to make a living doing what I love is my goal,” said Ryan.

The brothers first started customizing bikes and go-carts for their friends while attending Enterprise High School. Both brothers used that experience as the basis for their senior projects.While Ryan used this time to learn the intricacies of welding, Jason built a bike as his final assignment.

A full custom job can take several months, Ryan said, depending on what the owner is
looking for. “We are able to fabricate the needed parts here in the shop,” Ryan said. “Creating exactly what the customer wants.”

Motorcycle customizing started in the United States after World War II. Soldiers returning home wanted more than an assembly-line machine. They wanted something to reflect their own personal style. The same passion for uniqueness is alive today.

“Some customers will choose a style of bike and then let me run with it,” said Ryan. “Others want to look through magazines and at pictures of other bikes to get an idea of what they want.”

One-of-a-kind designs today can include fabricating fenders that fit over super-wide tires. These expanding tires call for modified rear ends and that is where CCC comes in. They are able to build custom parts like fenders and gas tanks in their shop.

Standard gas tank shapes can give way to become diamonds. Handlebars reach up and stretch out to fit the riders grip. And custom paint ties the whole bike together.

Not all customizing has to entail major changes. For some bike owners, custom paint and adding chrome are all they need. Most major bike producers today over a variety of parts that are designed to make stock bikes look different. Chrome parts for motorcycles can be enough to give a bike a new look and CCC is more than happy to install these parts for their riders.

Cannonball specializes in creating machines that are meant to be ridden. Unlike bikes that never see the highway, arriving at shows in the back of a trailer, Cannonballs bikes are built for the road.�

Cannonball Custom Cycles
Phone– 530.518.0399
6200 Stainless Way, Unit A
Anderson, CA 96007