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Millville's Michael's Bakery Has Tasty Treats For The Holidays

12/01/2006 12:00AM ● By Brandi Barnett

Sugar & Spice

December 2006
By Marty Sternberg

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list can be a huge task
that can take the fun out of the holidays. And searching through crowded stores
or spending hours online takes time away from family and friends. But a perfect
solution is available. A recipe for success that is as easy as a phone call or a web
site visit.

Michael’s Bakery offers the perfect solution for filling all those stockings with
great baked gifts. All you have to do is place your order and your gifts will be
mailed directly to Great-Aunt Edna in Des Moines, or Grandpa Henry in

Located just 10 miles east of Redding, Michael Ramos opened his bakery 18
years ago in Millville.With the smell of warm cinnamon buns and hot coffee
wafting through the door, his shop invites you to come in and browse while
enjoying a snack. Besides the cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies and a daily cake
variety are available.While the coffee shop is open daily for walk-ins, it is not his
bread and butter, said Ramos; mail order is.

Michael’s has a variety of items to choose from in its mail-order catalog, all
made the old-fashioned way with the finest ingredients available. The bakery’s
signature item is an applesauce walnut cake, which has been featured in the
Neiman Marcus catalogue.

During the holidays, however, Anne’s old-fashioned applesauce holiday cake is
very popular. The cake is named for his mother, who started the family business
in 1957 to raise money for charity. From that small beginning, a family tradition
was born. �

Michael’s Bakery
24127 Old 44 Drive
Millville, CA 96062
(800) 449-CAKE