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De-Stress Your Holiday

12/01/2006 12:00AM ● By Brandi Barnett

Yes It Can Be Done!

December 2006
By Gwen Lawler-Tough

Many of us race out of the house and crash into the Friday-after-Thanksgiving
shopping frenzy. What’s the rush? Take back control of your holidays.

• Stop and make a plan: Begin with a review of years past. What worked and what
didn’t? Be honest with yourself. Did you and your family spend more time on freeways
and at the malls than doing what you enjoy?

• Take a long hard look at your calendar: Have you scheduled yourself running from
one event to another? It’s important to write in downtime.

• Think thoughtful instead of perfect gift: Brainstorm your possibilities. What about
framing some of those old family photos that have been gathering dust? Is it time to
replace many adult presents with gifts to charity?

• Make a realistic budget: If you stick to a sensible budget, you won’t be worrying
about your January credit card statement.

• Keep up your exercise program: Treat it as sacred time. “Controlling stress comes
down to making the time to exercise. You're worth it!” says Lisa Allpress, Fitness
Director at Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness.

• Keep home decorating simple:Make the tree trimming a family event. After Sunday
lunch or dinner, have the entire gang pitch in. Don’t forget to play your favorite
holiday music while trimming away. Ours is John Denver and the Muppets!

• Holiday cards:Why not wait until after Christmas to sit down and send those cards?
If they have become just one more thing to do, they are not worth it.

• Make time for fun: Take the family up to the snow at Mt. Shasta. Enjoy incredible
talent at the Enterprise High School Victorian Dinner or the Madrigal at Shasta High.

• Last word: follow your joy! ‘Tis the season!