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High Drama Lashes

01/01/2007 12:40PM ● By Brandi Barnett

All A Flutter

January 2007
By Melissa Gulden

Bat them, fatten them, even fake them. High-drama lashes are in sight. Mere millimeters long, lashes can make a huge impact on how much femininity and flirtatiousness you project. Not born with Bambi-like fringes? Take heart: With all the hightech options out there — lash primers, semi-permanent extensions, mascaras designed to do everything but your dishes—getting lush, gorgeous lashes is easier than ever. Now that’s something to bat an eye at.

Step One: A lash primer doesn’t just condition the fragile hair that is your lashes, creating less chance of breakage, it also causes you to use far less of your mascara, saving you money in the long run. It goes on scarily white, but dries clear and mascara-ready. (Try Clinique Lash Building primer $12.50)

Step Two: Pick mascara that complements your coloring and lash length. Personally, I don’t think any color other than black should even exist for mascara, but the very fair may opt for a brown-black. A lengthening formula is flattering to most (those blessed with brow-skimmers … well, you don’t have to bother, do you?). My pick? Lancôme Définicils for length and Hypnôse for thickness ($22). I also maintain the more-is-more rule when it comes to mascara. Never use less than two coats, and make it thick! Why wear it if you’re going to be demure?

Step Three: Shu Uemura is the absolute best eyelash curler out there. The wider, Asianinspired
design fits all of your lashes in so there’s no funky crimping. If you want your eyes to open up, you must, I repeat, must curl your lashes. Just be sure to do so before you put the mascara on, or it could lead to possible pull-out. ( $18)

Step Four: Look down into a mirror when applying mascara so you can place the wand right at the base of your lashes without poking yourself in the eye. Use a slight zig-zagging motion as you brush the mascara up the lashes, creating more volume and evenly coating each lash. (I love Benefit BADgal Lash, $19 and MAC Zoom Lash $12)

Step Five (Optional): Comb out clumps. Remove excess mascara and separate lashes with a fine-tooth lash comb. Gently sweep it upwards (from underneath lashes) to preserve curl and
lift. Lashes are more delicate and brittle once mascara dries, so finish this step while it’s still
wet. Again, for those who enjoy thick, clumpy lashes, more power to you! Forget this step.

Looking for full, lush fringes like those you see on all the eye-catching celebrities? False lashes
can give you a subtle or dramatic boost.

Pick up a “flare” — a tiny clump of false lashes — with a pair of tweezers, dip it in lash glue (I swear by Duo—available at MAC counters or in drugstores) and place it at the top outer corner of one eye. Repeat on the other eye. Makeup Forever individual lashes work very well, $14

Lash strips are another choice. For all over length and volume, false lash strips ($3 and up per pair) are the way to go. But be careful of application — it can be tricky. Allow adhesive to get “tacky” so it’s not so wet going on, then apply to the strip. Then, holding lash strip with both hands, attach it right above your lashes, from the outside in.

Lash extensions are for the very serious. Individual synthetic hairs are bonded to each natural lash with surgical glue to add curl, thickness and length. Extensions take at least an hour to apply, last four to six weeks, and cost about $300 for a full set.

So go ahead and lash out! They won’t know what hit ‘em when you bat those babies!