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The Titanic Exhibit Docks at Turtle Bay

04/01/2007 10:49AM ● By Brandi Barnett

Maiden Voyage

April 2007
By D. James O'Brien

April 1912marked the historic maiden, and ultimately tragic, voyage of the sea liner Titanic. Fascinating history and artifacts from that voyage still sit 2 1/2 miles down in the cold depths of the Atlantic Ocean. This year marks the 95th anniversary of the fateful journey.

Through the efforts of Premiere exhibitions, a company based out of Atlanta, artifacts and
stories of people long since forgotten have been raised from the deep to be experienced by people all over the world. Boasting exhibits worldwide (most recently San Francisco), and having been viewed by more than 18 million people, it has found its way to the North State.

many may wonder how this exhibit came here to Redding. it was a simple matter of powerful
persuasion. According to Angela Torretta, public relations manager for turtle Bay, “We showed
them (Premiere) that we could handle an exhibit like this.We pushed really hard to have it
brought here.”

A team from Premiere accompanied the two-part shipment of the titanic exhibit, one containing artifacts and other remnants found on the sea floor and the other containing staging and other peripheral parts of the exhibit. RmSt (for the R.m.S titanic), the team that accompanies the traveling exhibit, is present for the preservation of the artifacts collected as well as assuring proper temperatures and maintenance.

As you enter the galleries, you cannot help but be drawn in by the mystery and tragedy
surrounding the ill-fated voyage of the titanic. Glass cases hold relics from a distant memory, lives of people that were equal parts dynamic and tragic.

Walls are lined with personal histories of those passengers about whom something is known,
whether it is the captain or the young waitress who was no doubt thrilled to be a part of the
famous voyage. Re-creation of a third-class room, as well as that of a first-class room, give you an insight to life aboard the ship.

The exhibit will run from now until may 2007 with a series of titanic-related nights to bring in
viewers to enjoy this wonderful show.