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Nancie De Ross - The Voice of McCloud

04/01/2007 11:13AM ● By Brandi Barnett

Heart & Soul

April 2007
By Melissa Gulden

When in the presence of Nancie de Ross, one can’t help but feel as if in the
presence of a truly soulful person. One listen to her debut album, Rome, and it’s
clear—she is all that and more.

Marin County native, de Ross grew up making music, and began writing songs at
the age of 7. She attended The San Francisco Conservatory of music, but life on the
road beckoned the free-spirit and she was soon working in the recording studio with
Chris Isaak’s lead guitar player, James Calvin Wilsey, who greatly influenced her
songwriting style. De Ross has toured with Tom Waits, Brian Setzer and The Everly
Brothers, to name a few, and has been busy writing songs for film and television. Her
hits can be heard on TV shows like C.S.i. and Change of Heart.

But de Ross knew she had to eventually leave the Bay area, as it was often “hard to
feel expansive creatively” in such a hectic community. She made her home in the quiet
logging town of McCloud five years ago, to the delight of locals.

“The community in McCloud is wonderful and supportive of the arts,” said de Ross.
“They really embrace me here.” She even has her own recording studio right inside her
home—something much harder to come by in the Bay area. This way, she can still
write her music for TV, but with a gorgeous view ofmt. Shasta. “There are times of
great prosperity and times of great challenge to the soul and the finances,” said de Ross.
“Nobody goes into the music business thinking they are going to be famous.We do it
because we love it, it’s our passion.”

Her passion becomes obvious the moment her sultry voice comes across on her
album.Though every track brings about a different emotion—“Lonesome Sky” is
haunting, while “if you Had a Heart” is optimistic—de Ross breathes her own
unique life into each and every song. Her take on “Sesame Street” is a true surprise and
worth the whole listen.

With her latest album, Paper Hats and tin Stars scheduled for release this summer,
de Ross is “looking forward to touring and getting together with my groovy friends,
and meeting new ones.”

Likened to jonimitchell and Carol King, de Ross’s style is clearly and uniquely her
own. a rich blend of americana, folk with a twist of contemporary country, the
“female Chris Isaak” is making her own name this time. and what a sweet name it is.�

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