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Fighting the Eye Aging Battle

04/01/2007 11:47AM ● By Brandi Barnett

For Your Eyes Only

April 2007
By Melissa Gulden

The area around the eyes is extra thin, and signs of aging show there first. The solution? make a problem-specific treatment part of your daily routine. When those fine lines start spreading and the bags keep getting puffier, it’s time for a little action. it used to be the experts agreed that the eyes were a mystery even they couldn’t solve. But with stronger brightening agents and more potent depuffers, many beauty experts are beginning to eat crow (or crow’s feet).

According to a recent Aveeno study, 84 percent of women say they notice the first signs of aging around their eyes. Their biggest concerns? Dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet. as a result, women tend to buy eye cream before anti-aging products for the rest of their face. So whether you are contemplating your first purchase or your 40th, consider that with the right combination of ingredients, even the most evil eye-skin problems can be combated.

Puffiness: Swollen eyes aren’t just a reminder of late nights. Puffiness or under-eye bags can either be chronic, in which case it’s usually your fat pads pushing through the muscle, or can be intermittent fluid retention caused by any number of things that would irritate or inflame the area. Genetics are to blame for the fat pads, but too much soy sauce, a crying jag, or sleeping without elevating your head can all be culprits for fluid retention. Try Clinique All About Eyes, Lancôme Hydra Zen or Origins No Puffery.

Fine Lines: you don’t have to be a chronic squinter to end up with crow’s feet. as we age, we are bombarded by free radicals in the environment (in the form of sunlight, pollution, and cigarette smoke), which break down the collagen and elastic fibers that keep our skin taut. muscular actions such as smiling, squinting, and laughing also cause the skin to crease, and as collagen weakens, skin doesn’t bounce back the way it used to. experts say that a broad-spectrum sunscreen formulated for the eyes is the most effective anti-aging product on the market. So you can go ahead and splurge on those Chanel sunglasses after all; big shades block sun exposure, and therefore, squinting. Try Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream, L’Oréal Paris Advanced Revitalift Eye, or RoC Protient Fortify Lift and Define Eye Cream.

Dark Circles: There are four main causes of dark circles: Hyperpigmentation, prominent blood vessels (which show through the thin skin under the eye as a bluish tinge), the leakage of iron oxide called hemosiderin from capillaries, or shadows under the eye that come from fat loss. So consider all the possibilities and check with your dermatologist before embarking on a course of treatment. Try Murad Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment, Aveeno Positively Radiant Eye Brightening Cream, or Benefit Eyecon.

Really, if scientists wanted to impress us, they would come up with a cure for cellulite and stretch marks, as well as dark circles, because those are things that we just can’t seem to get rid of yet. in the meantime, try some of these products and keep hope alive.