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Take a Hike to Whiskeytown Falls

04/01/2007 03:21PM ● By Brandi Barnett

Falling Water

April 2007
By D. James O'Brien

Many of us living here in Redding and the North State have heard about the re-discovery of a waterfall that has been tentatively referred to as Whiskeytown Falls. Hidden on the Crystal Creek section of Whiskeytown National Park, it is a breathtaking 300-foot waterfall that simply is a wonder to behold.

a dangerous and windy path to the waterfall had kept the trail out of commission for some time, but it has since been reopened. if you were to stop by the ranger station on your
way out, you would see it clearly marked on the map there, a crooked trail dodging off the Crystal Creek path. a great hike for both exercise and a general appreciation for wildlife and the surrounding forest, it goes without saying that the waterfall is a welcome addition to an already stellar list of natural wonders here in the North State.

Wildlife biologist and park ranger Russ Weatherbee is credited with the discovery of the waterfall. Undoubtedly, others had seen the waterfall over the years, but he was the first to recognize and report it for what it was. Shortly after its discovery, construction of a road was underway and a 3.4-mile loop (1.7 miles up and 1.7 back) was constructed for a hike to the amazing waterfall.

As you walk through the forest, you cannot help but be simultaneously touched and overwhelmed by the seclusion and beauty of the cascading wonder. The heavy greens of the trees and the raging waters catapulting from the rocky ledge make for an incredible feat of natural architecture.

The trail carves a path through the natural majesty that is the North State, wandering and then finding garnets of the undeniable beauty scattered through the back areas of the thriving, growing area that is Redding and surrounding towns. Secluded and surrounded by nature, it is the very picture of the wild that many travel to the North State to visit. This waterfall and accompanying hike are only part of an extensive hiking trail system that is scattered about the Whiskeytown National Park.�

To get there: From Redding, take 229 West. About 3.5 miles
West of Oak Bottom, turn left on Crystal Creek Rd. Drive 3.6 miles
(follow the signs) and turn left into the parking lot (trailhead).