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Enjoy Magazine

April 2007 - Kool & Clean

04/01/2007 03:34PM ● By Brandi Barnett

Keeping it Real

April 2007

This month, Enjoy looks at spring as a time to be inspired by authenticity, making the connection between beautiful memories and the stories they tell.

The Titanic is obviously one such story. Collecting artifacts found at the bottom of the sea and re-creating the legend for all of us to experience at Turtle Bay. Remember your first car? “Kool April Nites” celebrates the authentic cars and their owners whose great care didn’t let them become a bucket of bolts.We find inspiration in the life stories told through music such as Nancie De Ross, who left a hectic lifestyle in the city to find a piece of Americana and solace for producing her folk-style songs in McCloud. Historic landmarks such asMt. Shasta Fish Hatchery and Old Shasta are a docent’s paradise, setting the stage to guide us through the events that took place in creating this rich North State. Or theMathis family, whose forward thinking ideas for the historicMcCloud RiverMercantile embraces the town’s history while promising new memories. And finally, get some tips on clearing your clutter and getting your home organized, allowing you more time to create your own memories.

This month, you will also find that authenticity is not just a word, but a gift found in people with real commitment. From stories that tell of those who teach our children with autism to communicate, to those who open their kitchens and share a proud culture, our hearts are full. Thank you.