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03/15/2013 03:48PM ● By anonymous

What Was Your Most Favorite Halloween Costume?

One that stands out most for me is when my mom and aunt dressed my sister and I and my two cousins and me as characters from the Wizard of Oz. I was 3 years old and loved Dorothy, so I got to be her. My little sister was the Cowardly Lion, one cousin was the Wicked Witch, one was the Tin Man. My mom was the Scarecrow and my aunt was Glinda. We went to a carnival all dressed up. ~Lynn

I think one of the best costumes I’ve seen was of a table at an Italian restaurant. The person’s head was poking through a large piece of cardboard made to look like a table and was covered in in a red and white checkered tablecloth and they had a mop wig on their head that was colored red with brown pom poms glued to it which looked like a plate of spaghetti. There were wine glasses and a bottle of wine glued to the “table” as well as a loaf of French bread. It was awesome. ~Julia

A fast and easy costume I made for my daughter several years ago was a Christmas gift. I took a large box, cut holes out for arms, wrapped it up in Christmas paper and put a large bow on her head. She wore red tights and had curly ribbon on her tennis shoes. It was a hit! ~Barbara

I love unique, homemade costumes and one of my favorites was a paper doll. We used poster board and drew a dress on it, cut it out with tabs and used Velcro to stick it to my clothes. I had a hat and purse to match. ~Courtney

A bunch of friends and I dressed up as a bowling ball and bowling pins. We won the costume contest that year. ~Nan