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Black Friday - Holiday Shopping Adventures

03/15/2013 04:08PM ● By anonymous

Several years ago I had a boyfriend with a very large family. The Wednesday before Black Friday, the family would get together and go through all the advertisements. His mom would make a plan and assign everyone places to go, the times to be there and what we needed to buy. We got up at two in the morning on Friday to start the process. Each of us had our board in hand and would be sent off to get all the things on the list. It was insane, but we got some incredible deals and saved so much money. She was so organized! I haven’t been up early to shop on Black Friday for a long time but that memory will stay with me. ~ Erica

My story happened on Christmas Eve at Macy’s. Someone plugged the toilet and it over-flowed down the escalator, coming out the 1st floor water fountains and running down the hallway towards the merchandise!  Now that was harrowing AND gross. We had the city, fire department and RPD there all at the same time as the shoppers were finishing up their last minute shopping! ~ Linda

Remember the Cabbage Patch craze in the 80s? My daughter wanted one so bad. She didn’t get one for Christmas that year and I’ll never get those three hours of my life back. ~ Carla

I worked in the merchandising department at a Best Buy store in 2005 and on Black Friday, I had to be there at 3 AM. When I got to work that morning I was blown away by the amount of people already there waiting for the store to open at 5 AM. We had 2 hours to change all the signage in the store for the special deals. There were also some deals that were only good for the first 100 people. We had a balloon bouquet that we had to hold at end of the register line that mazed through the entire store. It was kind of exciting, but also the longest day of my life. Gotta love retail. ~ Lynn

Black Friday, a household “event” that started for me 16 years ago. As I experienced my first early morning excursion into the madness, it didn’t take long to realize that doing this alone was a big mistake. The savings were immense but how could I possibly make it to each store by the timeline given? There had to be a better and more strategic way. The next year I recruited my mom and grandmother. What a difference, more savings in less time. Each year after I continued to invite my mom along with my sisters (I have 4) and a few friends. A tradition was forming. It was no longer as much about the savings as it was about the excitement of being with my family and friends. Thanksgiving would come, we would call to remind each other to bring ads and then after dinner we would strategically map out our plan of action for Black Friday. We would spend hours going over each stores ad and what it had to offer. We planned our wake up time, where to meet, who was riding with whom and which cars we would take (the bigger the better). Walkie talkies ( pre-cell phone era) in one hand and Coffee in the other, we were off. Laughing, joking and enjoying each other’s company for hours on end. We created memories that will last a life time. To this day, we continue our tradition and are thankful for the amazing gift God has given us, each other! ~ Stephanie