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Staff Faves

03/15/2013 04:09PM ● By anonymous

1.“Falling For You: McCloud Falls” (July 2010) by Gary VanDeWalker. The description he gives of the falls romances you into thinking you are there. An excerpt: “Mt. Shasta looms between the tree branches as the quiet of the water belies the power it possesses before moving into a narrow rock channel, churning into a white froth before plunging into a deep emerald pool below.” ~Yvonne

2. Definitely the “Round House” story (October 2008) by Kerri Regan because I’ve driven by it so many times and always wondered what it was or what the history was. We would have so many people stop by our offices to ask about it that it was nice to be able to have the real story! ~Michelle

3. It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorites are those about things in the area that I’ve been curious about. I loved doing the Editors’ Picks with Kerri (2010) and learned so much about the surrounding counties. The Rock Wall (October 2010) by Jim Dyar, and the Sutter Buttes (March 2011) by Jon Lewis were also favorites. ~Ronda

4. “The Fast & the Amphibious” (April 2010) by Melissa Gulden was my favorite story. I was the photographer for the story and due to my interests and personality, the story pushed all the right buttons for me. A fascinating company doing amazing things. ~James

5. “Silent Sentinel: Little Shasta Church” by Gary VanDeWalker. (February 2009). Gary is my favorite Enjoy writer and this story encapsulates one of the beauties of Enjoy: Enlightening readers about people, places and things in our area that we know of and wonder about, but know nothing about. ~Michael

6. “In Good Character” (April 2010) by Kerri Regan. I love reading all the stories about people living out their dream. The one that stands out to me the most is “In Good Character,” I found their story truly inspiring. ~Amy

7. My favorite story is “Sacred Stones,” (November 2010) by Melissa Mendonca about the the 12th century stones making it to San Francisco, only to be discovered by a monk who persevered for 27 years and got them to New Clairvaux where they are reconstructing the design of the original Abbey, it is amazing. ~Kathi

8. My favorite story is “Christmas Wish” by Melissa Mendonca about Carrie’s tree that delights motorists on I-5 near Jellys Ferry Road (December 2010). The intention behind this decorated tree was a curiosity and the story solved the mystery. The story also appealed because tradition and committed friendships surrounded this deeply rooted testament of joy. ~Suzanne

9. I’m sure like everyone else this is a tough decision. But my favorite would probably be “Be Boulder” (August 2011) by Gary VanDeWalker because it involves one of my favorite activities, rock climbing. We were able to find some great climbing spots from some of his suggestions. ~Matt

10. Over the past five years Enjoy has been filled with pages of fantastic stories and information about our community and surrounding areas. If I had to choose just one it would be “Worth It All” (August 2011) by Kerri Regan which features photographer Tommy Corey who has inspired thousands of people through The Self-Worth Project. ~Hannah