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Random Acts of Kindness

03/15/2013 04:15PM ● By anonymous

1. My husband, Neil, had a ladder accident in Dunsmuir volunteering at the Amtrak Depot. Random acts of kindness shown to him and his Nurse Nellie during our 17 days in Dunsmuir before returning home touched us deeply, from hospital staff, the van driver, friends offering their help (Neil’s Angels) to a cherry pie. Small towns are the very best; they take care of one another. Thanks to Neil’s Angels all!


2. My husband and our young family rented a small house in eastern Oregon. In those days, the rents weren’t much, but neither was our income. One afternoon, we were out in our front yard cutting wood when the landlord drove by and said, “Don’t bother paying rent this month. Merry Christmas.” That was more than 30 years ago, and to this day, I will never forget his random act of kindness. Kathi

3. I work at a local veterinary office. I know a 9-year-old boy who rescued a dog that was without a home. He used his Christmas money to pay for the dog’s care. When he came in to pay, he could barely see over the counter. His mom asked him, “Are you sure you want to spend your money on this? That means no toys.” He said, “I am sure. I don’t need toys.” This little boy was so giving. It warms my heart to see him giving so freely even if he can’t keep the dog. Katie

4.Church members of Redding Reformed Fellowship arranged more than two weeks of meals for our family after I gave birth to our third child. The church membership is fairly small, and yet their good deeds enriched our lives. Maria

5. Pay for the person behind you when you go through a drive-through. Lisa

6. I was at a small-town Fourth of July parade and a young man in a wheelchair saw me as I walked his way. His face lit up with such joy and he spread open his arms. I simply walked right into them and we held each other for a minute. It was a gift I will always remember. Susan

7. Paying for a meal at a restaurant for a homeless person. Suzanne

8. Many years ago, my good friend and I were sitting in a restaurant drinking coffee after school. We were looking out the window commenting on how cold it must be for the man we saw not too far from the restaurant with his arms crossed, looking like he was struggling to keep warm. We were sure he was homeless. My friend took off his jacket, tucked $5 in the pocket, went outside and gave his jacket to the man. The look of appreciation on the man’s face was something I will never forget. And this was before he found the $5 in the pocket. Jeannie

9. Bringing a home-cooked meal to someone who doesn’t have time to cook, who is sick, who just had a baby or needs it for whatever reason! Samantha

10. I’ve had my toll paid on the Bay Bridge not once, but twice by the car in front of me. Both times they sped up before I could wave a thank you. I was inspired to do the same on a later date because it had felt so good to receive. Melissa