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Run Spot Run

03/15/2013 04:31PM ● By anonymous

1. Walking the Sacramento River Trail: It’s great exercise for both of you, in one of the North State’s most picturesque surroundings. What’s not to love? Be sure to bring bags to clean up after your pet - and he must stay on his leash.

2. Walking in Anderson River Park: A place with that many squirrels is bound to be on Sparky’s Top 10.

3. Playing fetch in the Sacramento River: This simple pleasure can be enjoyed anywhere that you can pull off the road and find an access point. Grab a stick and get playing - chances are, your arm will get tired before your dog does.

4. Swimming in the pool: Some of our readers let Rover cool off right in their own backyard pool. As with any body of water, be sure to keep an eye on your pet while he swims.

5. Boating on Lake Shasta: Why not take your faithful friend out on your patio boat or houseboat he’ll appreciate not being left behind.

6. Hunting: Together, you could be an unstoppable team when it comes to going after game birds.

7. Going running anywhere: Get those cardio minutes in, and run off some of your pooch’s extra energy at the same time.

8. Flyball: Who says sports are just for humans?

9. Hiking: Explore the outdoors with someone who will appreciate it just as much as you do. Before you go, though, make sure that the trail you’re hiking allows dogs.

10. Dog shows: If you think your dog has the right stuff, get that canine on the catwalk. Dog shows can be a fun way to show off your talented terrier or your beautiful beagle - you might even win a prize.