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03/15/2013 04:34PM ● By anonymous

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Whether it’s a show you secretly TiVo, a DVD you hide in the back of your collection, a song you sing loud and proud when no one is around or a food that makes you secretly give in to your craving, we all have guilty pleasures. Here are our readers’ Top 10.

1. Chocolate Derived from the pods of the Cacao (kah-cow) tree, the seeds were processed to produce the frothy delight the Mayans and Aztecs enjoyed. Centuries later, sugar was added, creating what some called “food of the Gods” - leading the way to the taste that we enjoy today.

2. Ice Cream It is said that the Roman Emperor Nero ordered his slaves to bring ice from the mountains and mix it with fruit to flavor it. Later, King Tang of China had a method of creating tasty ice and milk concoctions. It is thought that the Chinese introduced the rest of the world to ice cream where, over time, recipes for sherbets, ices and ice milks evolved.

3. Shoe Shopping We walk in them, we run in them - but for some in the North State, shoes are a fashion statement that reflect the personality of their owner. And why not? With all the varieties and styles available, many men and women enjoy going out to their local mall or shoe store in search of the latest fabulous footwear.

4. iTunes Apple’s idea was simple: provide a virtual store where people could buy and download digital music on demand. Launched on April 28, 2003, the store only featured 200,000 songs for iPod users. Today, the iTunes Store has sold over 4 billion songs.

5. Reality TV With its roots in MTV’s first broadcast of “The Real World” in 1992, reality shows have exploded with programs like Survivor, The Biggest Loser and Hell’s Kitchen. Today even celebrities are getting in on the craze. But who really watches these shows? Apparently, many North Staters do.

6. Potato Chips In the summer of 1853, Native American George Crum, employed as a chef by the elegant Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York, sliced and fried a potato thinly to rile a complaining guest. It backfired, and today, potato chips are consumed by more Americans than any other people in the world.

7. Facebook Founded by former Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, it is now second only to MySpace as the largest social network on the web. About 60% of its users log on for at least 20 minutes daily, running applications and keeping in contact with their friends.

8. Chick Flicks “Women films” have been around since the dawn of Hollywood, and their appeal has never waned. From the “boy meets girl, loves, loses and then finds again” types, they have evolved into intelligent romantic comedies portraying women in stronger roles. While not often popular with men, we know many North State guys sent their votes in too.

9. Junk Food We all know about healthy living, but there’s nothing like eating some popcorn slathered in butter, followed by some M&M’s and downed with a soda to satisfy cravings. Most grew up with it and refuse to give up coveted junk food - there are no calories if no one is watching, right?

10. Cartoons Doctors, lawyers, moms and dads, single or married; many still wake up and watch cartoons come Saturday mornings, whether it is by themselves or with their loved ones. According to our poll, lots of Enjoy readers do, too. There’s nothing that a good Tom and Jerry or Coyote and Roadrunner cartoon can’t cure.