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Thanks for the Memories

03/15/2013 04:37PM ● By anonymous

Top 10 Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is a time for traditions and fond memories. Maybe one year you had a surprise guest, or maybe you received some news that made you particularly thankful. Perhaps you did something completely out of the ordinary that made your Thanksgiving memories. Below are our 10 favorites.

1. When it was time for carving the turkey, we had everyone sit around the table. We pulled the cover off to reveal the turkey that my uncle had worked so hard on. Under the cover we had a Cornish game hen instead of the turkey. His face dropped, couldn’t believe what had happened to the turkey. Well after laughing hysterically for a little bit we pulled the real turkey out of the oven. To this day we still talk about how upset he was that his turkey magically shrunk about 75%. Kari, Redding

2. Thanksgiving 1996; the turkey that jumped out of the oven. I was basting my turkey, when the earth shook. I was using my baster and squeezing those succulent juices, and I heard a loud crack and pop outside of my kitchen window. A few seconds later the hose shook and turkey and the pan jumped about six inches towards me. I slammed the oven door and looked at everyone in the house and said, “That turkey wants out bad.” We had a lot of good conversations that day. Paul

3. Camping on the beach in San Felipe, B.C., with family and friends. We had burritos and fish tacos for Thanksgiving on the beach for several years in a row. Shaun, Redding

4. A snowy Thanksgiving Day on the Trinity River, wearing my arm out catching huge steelhead! Zach, Redding

5. I added fresh garlic to my mashed potatoes and it turned blue, but it seemed fitting: colorful mashed taters along with my colorful, fun family. PJ, Shasta Lake

6. My memory is a sad one but it was five years ago on Thanksgiving Day. I was cooking a big feast. We were all at my house - the whole family was here. My dad, who was sick, had a major stroke and died four days later in the hospital. I had my dad living with me after my mom passed away and was very thankful that the whole family was here and that we were all together! Kathy, Burney

7. One year I thought I would bump up my Thanksgiving menu. So I found a Martha Stewart (not my normal M.O.) recipe for cranberry glaze for my turkey. It looked really pretty in the picture. So I proceeded to make this glaze. I had some cranberries left over so I decided to put some in the dressing that cooked inside the turkey. The turkey roasted and it was time to get the drippings to make gravy. To my surprise the drippings were purple! I was shocked but had to use it, as that is all I had. So I made purple gravy! My husband carved the turkey, which was the most beautifully glazed turkey I have ever seen, all the meat inside was, yes, purple! My brothers and husband could not contain themselves from laughing and teasing me! Then as I scooped out the dressing, I could not believe my eyes! The dressing was purple! And to my horror, I found out that when you put purple gravy on white potatoes, they too turn purple! My family could barely eat their dinner! It is still to this day referred to as our purple Thanksgiving! As you can well understand... cranberries are not allowed at my Thanksgiving table! Leslie

8. One year my dad got the great idea to buy three young turkeys to raise at our remote family cabin in Trinity County. He named them "Thanksgiving" "Christmas," and "easter" (can you tell what his plans for them were?) Well, they all disappeared in less than a week. Apparently, the foxes of Trinity County named them "breakfast", "Lunch" and "Dinner". We had ham that year for Thanksgiving. Kelley, Redding

9. My son (3 years old at the time) took one tiny bite each out of 10 of my freshly baked cinnamon rolls set out on a tray the night before my in-laws' first Thanksgiving dinner at our house! That was SOME taste test! Pam, Hayfork

10. The Thanksgiving I am most thankful for is the year my best friend and her family spent with us. She had been diagnosed with cancer and we knew it was probably her last Thanksgiving. We had a great time, shared memories with our other best friend and her family and made some wonderful, new memories. We all had a lot to be thankful for that year. We were so thankful we had one last Thanksgiving together. We laughed, cried, sang songs and said heartfelt prayers. With all the love felt at the table that year, it truly was a Thanksgiving to be remembered! Jan, Redding