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A Father's Wisdom

03/15/2013 04:40PM ● By anonymous

Top Ten life lessons learned from your dad

Dads... so full of wisdom, advice and unconditional love. What have you learned from your dad that you have, or will, pass on to your children? Maybe he taught you how to change a tire, throw a baseball, fly fish, ride a dirt bike or build a fort. Or maybe he taught you how much fun it is to camp or cook or root for the home team. Maybe he taught you how important family is. The lessons we learn from our dads are endless and certainly don’t stop once we’re out on our own. Below are the top 10 lessons our readers learned from their dads. Happy Father's Day!

• Put your family first

• The Golden Rule – Treat others the way you want to be treated

• Always have strong morals and ethics

• Enjoy the great outdoors

• Never give up

• Always be a good sport

• Don’t sweat the small stuff

• Work hard and smart

• Rely on yourself

• Be honest and respectful