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Heir Apparent

06/03/2013 03:18PM ● By Enjoy Magazine
It’s not every day you meet a knight in Redding, California, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. But if you were to walk into The Antique Dragon on Park Marina Drive  and talk to Dr. Carl Vincent, you would be having a conversation with a man who has been inducted into knighthood for his bravery. Vincent doesn’t consider himself a hero for having saved some young Russian Orthodox believers so many years ago from an unimaginable fate. He simply did what he felt needed to be done at that time. Though he prefers to keep the details private, his decision to follow his heart changed the course of several lives, some of whom are still alive to tell about it.

This experience is one of Vincent’s many amazing adventures. After moving to China when he was 6, living there for nearly 20 years, and earning a degree in science from the Jesuit College of Shanghai, he was forced to flee China in 1940 and was stranded in the Philippines for three years, at the height of World War II. After returning to the United States in 1943, he attended Yale University and graduated with a degree in engineering. But his passion remained in traveling and unearthing the histories and artifacts of people throughout the world, which he spent many years doing before returning home to California.

There he studied Japanese art at both the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Southern California, and he went on to teach art, history, antiques and philosophy for the next 30 years before retiring to Northern California. At 96 years young, he still strives to learn about each new piece he encounters. He is writing a fourth book, which will focus on Chinese Jade.

It’s no wonder that with such an incredible family history, Tanya Vincent, Vincent’s daughter and the owner of The Antique Dragon in Redding, is able to say that she was “born into the world of antiques.” She has spent much of her life traveling the country with her father, attending antique fairs and expos and perusing antique shops, soaking up his passion and expertise along the way. She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art, degrees in antique dealership and antique business, and a license in antique appraisals from The Asheford Institute of Antiques. She chose to complete her internship for her licensure in San Francisco under several experts, rather than to study exclusively under her father’s tutelage, so her clients would recognize the diverse scope of her experience and perspective. In September 2012, Tanya opened her own storefront.

The Antique Dragon, a fitting combination of “the beauty of yesterday” and the fact that Tanya was born in the Year of the Dragon, specializes in Asian-inspired art and antique appraisal services, but is home to a variety of vintage and antiques through a diverse collection of antique dealers who have their merchandise available at her store. A walk through The Antique Dragon is a wonderful walk through time and space, beginning somewhere around 206 B.C. in China’s Han Dynasty and ending somewhere in the 1980s in America. The Vincent family owns a Han Dynasty Jade Burial Suit, one of only 18 in the known world. Tanya strives to offer something different to her clientele—a museum-like experience without the admission fee. Tanya and her father are the perfect curators, infinitely knowledgeable and passionate about their pieces.

In addition to finding Tanya and her dad at The Antique Dragon seven days a week, you can find them at the Red Bluff Antique Street Faire in October. The family also maintains three booths at Oregon Street Antique Mall in downtown Redding. The Vincents and their team of experts offer their appraisal services up and down the West Coast to non-profits, with the appraisal fee being donated entirely to the non-profit organization. Tanya also presents lectures to schoolchildren and brings in pieces for them to explore in an effort to impart knowledge and passion for art and history to their young minds. Tanya knows first-hand how to share her love for community, art, history and antiques. She learned from a passionate teacher, who just happens to be her dad. •

2645 Park Marina Drive • (530) 949-6691