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For Generations

06/26/2013 05:51PM ● By Enjoy Magazine
Like most college graduates, Jorgelina Roisenzvit, 35, was ready for a high-powered job when she was handed her diploma at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Unlike most grads, however, she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the part-time retail job she’d held to get her through school. She worked in a clothing boutique and found she’d developed a bond with her co-workers and enjoyed interacting with customers. She decided to stay on as she moved forward in her career in wealth management.

When she and her husband Cesar arrived in Red Bluff from Miami in June 2011, it didn’t take Jorgelina long to figure out that her next move should be to return to the boutique lifestyle. This time, however, she’d be the owner. And she’d be bringing her mom, whom she’d moved to be near, and daughters in with her.

On October 28, 2011, Jorgelina, her mother Susana Roisenzvit and daughter Giuliana Roisenzvit opened the doors to 3 Generations, a downtown Red Bluff boutique that offers women’s clothing as well as classes.

“My idea is the whole woman, the inside and the outside,” says Susana, 60. “You can get beautiful clothes, but also a book club, a workshop, an art class.”

All three women built their business around the idea of establishing a place where women can find each other as well as fashionable boutique-style clothes. As newcomers to the community, Jorgelina and Giuliana were well aware of the need to find new friends. They also noticed a trend among Susana’s generation. “A lot of women, when they retire, move to Red Bluff and need to meet people,” says Jorgelina.

One of the first things the women started doing was to offer fashion shows, using their customers as models. These fun events not only showcased the clothes but allowed friends to come together in celebration of fashion and each other.

Many love to shop 3 Generations because of the personalized service that comes with an artist’s eye for details. Susana’s great love is art and she keeps a studio set up in the back of the boutique where she paints and offers classes. Original art adorns the walls, many pieces hers, but often also the work of regional artists.

“My mom’s art is amazing in how it helps matching colors and textures,” says Jorgelina. “We have quite a few clients that come here and say, ‘OK, Susana, what should I wear?’” adds her mother. “I have one or two clients that say I’m their mirror. That’s fun.”

The third generation is 14-year-old Giuliana, a freshman at Red Bluff High School, who recalls the joy she found in the fashion design kit she played with as a child in Miami. Now she joins her mom and grandma on buying trips to Los Angeles every two months. “I choose clothes all the time, which is really fun,” she says. “It’s kind of like a dream come true because I thought about it so much when I was little.”

“We all have really different tastes in clothes,” says her mom with a warm smile. The three generations have a friendly competition about whose clothes will sell first. So far, Susana seems to be winning. “Almost everything grandma picks gets sold!” exclaims Giuliana. “Not only gets sold-- they love it!” adds Jorgelina.

The frequent buying trips unite the generations and allow them to keep the boutique fresh and trendy. They also ensure quality purchases in a way that can never be fully trusted when purchasing online. “I touch everything,” says Susana, noting that she’s a stickler for quality construction as well as design. “Obviously, we buy what we like but we are also open to feedback,” says Jorgelina. “We don’t repeat.”

While the idea of a three-day, multi-generational shopping trip may sound romantic, Jorgelina deadpans about the reality of just one leg of the journey, “It’s eight hours together in the car.”

While there are a few stretches of Interstate 5 that may prove insufferable on the way to Los Angeles, the family is used to traveling long distances. Susana and her husband, a physician, brought their family to the United States from Argentina when he found work here. She returns occasionally to visit family and always makes a point to bring unique items back to the boutique.

The youngest of the generations, Valentina, is only 5 and has already had addresses in two states. She is referred to as “the Princess generation.” While not yet a partner, her family knows she’ll bring an even different aesthetic to the family business.

3 Generations is in historic downtown offers the unique perspective of all three owners and their gleanings from frequent travels to Los Angeles markets. Says Jorgelina, “Every time you come in you can find new things. There’s always going to be something different.” •

3 Generations Arts and Shop • 649 Main St., Red Bluff (530) 527-3556 •