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Crafty Connections

06/26/2013 06:01PM ● By Enjoy Magazine
Jenney Gannon wasn’t looking for her life’s purpose on the day she discovered that her favorite local scrapbooking store was for sale, but in essence, a life of purpose is what she found. Gannon, who has been scrapbooking for nearly 15 years, always had a dream to open a store. And when the opportunity to purchase her own little piece of heaven came to her nearly two years ago, she told her husband what she wanted to do. She’ll never forget his words: “Go for it. Scratch it off your bucket list.” And so, she did. She began to pour her heart and soul into creating a happy place where she hoped scrapbookers, mixed-media artists and the like would feel at home and encouraged in their creative endeavors. She began creating a sense of community within the walls of She’s Crafty, something she wanted not only for her customers, but felt she needed for herself. “There is something magical that happens when creative people get together.” As a wife, mother, business owner and labor and delivery nurse at Mercy Medical Center Redding, Gannon admits with a laugh that her life is “full-time crazy.” When she’s not watching life begin before her eyes at the hospital, as she has for nearly 10 years, she is creating connections that will last a lifetime through her store. Gannon appreciates the juxtaposition between the right brain and the left brain – the side of herself that craves order and organization and the side that says “let’s just spill the glitter and see what happens.” A self-proclaimed “old soul,” Gannon loves “the dynamics of people, people’s stories – their memories. Some people scrapbook based on genealogy, but I like to tell life’s real moments.” This perspective stems from Gannon’s firm belief in living her truth, and, most importantly, in walking the path she believes God has intended for her. “I think people get used to living and doing what they always do. But it’s so much fun using all of the crayons in the box.“ Gannon chose the name “She’s Crafty” because she knew the business would evolve into something more than beautiful paper products. And it has evolved, from being a place that Gannon hoped would give her the sense of fulfillment she needed, into a place where customers and even complete strangers have begun to feel loved and cared for – a place where they belong. “It’s not just a store. It’s a place, a location, a destination. It’s awesome. It’s a human connection. It’s more than being a nurse, a business owner and an artist. I feel very fortunate to have a place where I feel connected and a place where others feel connected, too. She’s Crafty is more than just scrapbooking stuff. It’s sort of my heart,” says Gannon. The love that emanates from Gannon’s heart and into the building that houses She’s Crafty doesn’t stop there. It flows freely from one creative soul to another, and out into the community. Gannon has used her business as not only an opportunity to work with other creative people, but as a way of blessing others through philanthropic endeavors. She often invites her customers to be a part of her efforts to help others in the community. “Sometimes we raise money, other times we will create a memory in the form of a scrapbook, but either way, we give it with the intention of showing love to someone else. “I love that my business is doing well, but I really love that people are coming in and asking how others are doing. I have some of the best ladies that come into the shop. One of my customers is a widower who has taught me so much about marriage. Another is a traveler who shares her adventures around the world with me. ” Gannon has even begun designing her own scrapbook paper, which proudly features the Sundial Bridge and is available at her store. The shelves at She’s Crafty are adorned with paper in virtually every color of the rainbow, crafting materials, tools and everything needed to create a beautiful work of art – and the work of some of her customers. “I want them to feel that they belong here. Because they do. This place is for us.”•

She’s Crafty • 2620 Larkspur Lane, Suite Q, Redding (530) 722-9200 • Find She’s Crafty on Facebook