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Q97 Snapshot: Shakin' It!

08/07/2013 04:00PM ● By Enjoy Magazine
They shake, they spin, they dance. They do it in our blistering heat, and shake it in the rain and snow. They are our Northern California sign shakers and they put it on the line for the businesses they represent every day on the busy streets of Redding. They are not getting wealthy, but I found out they all enjoy the work they do. I admire them for doing the work most people would never consider.

Andrew Smith works on Dana Drive and Churn Creek for Evans Furniture. He keeps moving while he listens to techno music and generally prefers the smaller signs. He works a five and a half hour shift, and has previous experience at Shasta Blood Center and Kuebler’s Furniture.

There’s Justin Sherman from Seattle, currently shaking for Cheaper Cigarettes on Lake Boulevard. And he smokes, so it’s perfect for him.

Jarred Larsen works on Bechelli and Hartnell for Don’s Sandwich Shop. He’d been shaking for two weeks when I caught up with him; he had worked at Little Caesar’s.

One of the most popular shakers in town is Steve-O. He’s been dancing and pointing in front of UPrep on Eureka Way for eight months. He loves his job advertising for The Best Little Sandwich Shop. And judging by the response he was getting from passers by, people love him!

I met up with Fou Xiong on Eureka Way. He’s bringing in the business for Rocha’s. He used to work for Liberty Tax, which is more of a winter job, so he’s used to the most miserable weather conditions, and he’s always smiling!

And then there’s Bob in front of the BTC Cafe at Churn Creek and Hartnell. He’s our mechanical shaker. Weather does not bother him at all.

Here’s to you, sign shakers! You are standing on the corner of Entertainment and Commerce. Thank you for positive energy and the good vibrations.