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Q97 Snapshot: Make it Count!

11/04/2013 03:34PM ● By Patrick John

By Patrick John

Billy and I have attended and hosted countless concerts over the last 19 years, and one of the most asked questions we get is, “How can I meet (insert star’s name here)?” Here’s your crash course in getting a little backstage face time with your favorite artist.

The easiest, fastest way to solidify garnering photos with your favorite artist is to join their fan club.  The moment you find out someone you really want to meet is coming to town, get online and check out their website.  Locate their fan club and join.  Most fan clubs allow you a few opportunities a year to get up close and personal backstage.  Some are free, some require you to join an email list, and some will set you back a few bucks.  Some also earn you extras, like invitations to fan-club-only events, bonus promotional items like photos & T-shirts, and special online access.

Next on the list is something we know about very well…winning passes on the radio!  We typically give away backstage passes for every concert we present, sponsor or host.  Sometimes it’s a pair, and other times it’s a dozen.  It depends on the artist, the size of the venue, the time of the show, if there’s an opening act, etc.  All I can say about this is you need to keep listening.  We give away passes online, via texting, and of course, during on-air contests.  Tune in to your favorite radio station and listen for details.

Patience really is a virtue.  Many times, performers wait until the venue is almost cleared out, then come from backstage to meet any diehards who are still hanging out.  I’ve seen some shocked faces and dreams come true, all due to an extra 10-minute wait in the theater after a concert.

Most recently, we’ve seen fans who monitor Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to locate performers and their tour buses.  A few months ago, country superstar Luke Bryan made a stop in Redding for some fishing, and ended up hanging out with lots of fans at local restaurants, nightclubs and more.  Although I wouldn’t personally recommend stalking the bus, we’ve seen some folks have success at getting an artist out to say hi.  Billy and I tried it once by banging on Merle Haggard’s bus door.  It was a laughable moment, and we were not successful.  Someday I’ll get to meet Merle….

Lastly, when you do get the opportunity to say hello to one of your favorite stars, make it count!  Take the picture you want to take, ask the question you want to ask, tell the story you want to tell.  Remember, they are real people too, and most of them truly appreciate your support and enthusiasm.