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Enjoy the Store - James Mazzotta and Brandon Grissom

12/05/2013 11:53AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

ENJOY: All year, we feature the wonderful, locally and regionally made products that are featured at Enjoy the Store. This month, we would like to take a look inside the store itself. Tell us more about Enjoy the Store, which recently celebrated its third anniversary in Redding and opened its second store earlier this year in Red Bluff.

James: Enjoy the Store is really a celebration of more than 1,300 talented local artists, farmers, crafters and entrepreneurs. We offer food, jewelry, woodworking, glass blowing, apparel,  ceramics and pottery, books, music, accessories and more. We carry products that are in the area that we write about in our magazine.

ENJOY: How does the gift selection process typically work in your store?

James: Someone comes in and will say that they’re looking for a gift for somebody. Then we explore a little — whether the recipient is male or female, and what their points of interest are. Do they like to read, do they like to be outdoors, do they like to cook?  We work with them on narrowing down a feel. We also ask their budget, and show them the four crate sizes we have —small, medium, large and a shipping crate, which is designed to work with the U.S. Postal Service’s flat shipping rate.  We work very closely in trying to figure out what they’re trying to achieve, and then we leave them to the opportunity of having fun in the store.

ENJOY: And you won’t find a boring gift bag here. Tell us about your crates.

James: Our crates are handmade by the oldest operational steam-driven sawmill in country, and they’re branded with our logo, “Made to Enjoy.” I love that logo, because if they know the Enjoy brand, it’s great; if not, it’s still a wonderful, positive message. The crates are all stuffed with cool pigtail wood shavings made locally for us, as well. When we’re done, it’s completely wrapped with cellophane and topped with a big, beautiful bow. 

ENJOY: Can you help folks who don’t have time to come in and shop?

James: Absolutely. You can set up an account with us, call in and give us your budget and basic parameters, and your crate can be ready to pick up later. We get a lot of people who call in for their business and place orders for one to 50 crates.

ENJOY: Who else enjoys your crates?

James: We do a lot of hostess gifts, and economic development people come in to give personalized gifts to people who are coming in from out of the area to look at business opportunities. Realtors come all the time for thank-you crates to leave on the counter of a home they have just sold, or when they’re going to be showing a home to people who are looking to move from out of the area. We tuck an Enjoy Magazine inside, and it really shows our best foot forward, that we do have a progressive and cultured city.

ENJOY: How is the Red Bluff store different than the flagship in downtown Redding?

James: The Red Bluff store does offer some unique items we don’t carry here. It’s a much larger format, and they offer a wine bar and coffee bar with a full-time barista. They serve samples from Cedar Crest Vineyards. It’s large enough that you can rent space to have events there, like birthday parties or women’s wine nights.

ENJOY: Please share some of the feedback you’ve gotten from customers.

James: Radio personality Linda Bott told me that the gifts she gives from here are very personal, and they show who you are as a friend — that you really put thought behind what you’re giving. A lot of repeat customers give gifts from here because they are so personal and unique, and in turn, many recipients are so impressed that they come down to shop because they want to give the same experience that they had when they received a crate.

Enjoy the Store - Redding • 1475 Placer Street, Suite C&D • 530-246-4687 ext. 4

Enjoy the Store - Red Bluff • 615 Main Street • 530-727-9016