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The 4-1-1 on Holiday Makeup

12/05/2013 01:36PM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s that time again. It seems like just last month we were worrying about sunscreen and summer hair, and now it’s time for holiday parties.

Let’s get you ready for those festivities. There are a few standards this time of year: red lips, smoky eyes, big, thick lashes and glowing skin. Anyone can do it, no matter your level of “makeup artistry.” 

Bright red lips are almost mandatory in December. Add a show-stopping accessory to that LBD and put a pop of color on that pout! To create a flawless canvas and prevent fading, prep your lips with a creamy primer. Then trace your natural lip line with a clear, waxy pencil (this gives definition without looking too severe). Once you’ve found your perfect shade—blue-based for fair skin, orangey for olive, burgundy for dark—apply color directly from the tube and press color in with your fingertips. *Tip: To be sure no lipstick stays behind on your teeth, close your lips around your index finger. Any extra lipstick will end up on your finger!

Smoky eyes are also a must. Trace the upper lid with a soft black pencil to define the lash line. Both gel and liquid formulas work well; just be sure to have a steady hand to control the thickness of the line. Using a medium-size brush (not too fluffy, or no pigment will stick), apply a dark, inky shadow to the crease of the eye, then blend it downward for a wash of color. Next, with a smaller brush that has firm bristles, press a gunmetal shade into the lower lash line. Apply a silver powder to the inner corners to lighten the eye. Finish by piling on the mascara. Or, try some fakies for a fun, flirty feel!

If there ever was a time for false lashes, it’s the holiday office party. And it is not as difficult as you might think. 

Unless you apply lashes often, you may want to stick with full lash strips—they’re easier to apply than individuals. Hold them up to your eye to measure the length. Snip off a few hairs if necessary. Apply adhesive with a toothpick—never directly from the tube—and wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. Then, looking down into a mirror, place the strip along your natural lash line, lining it up until it feels comfortable. *Tip: After it has dried on, gently pinch lashes between fingers to ensure strip is secure.  Fill in gaps with a black, felt-tip liquid liner.

You want your skin to glow in all those Instagram selfies, so be sure to use a tinted moisturizer with light-reflecting pigments for an instant glow. If you like more coverage, apply foundation or concealer, but only where needed. Then, swirl shimmering pink blush over the apples of your cheeks (pink blush looks beautiful on every woman), and dust a soft gold highlighter along the cheekbones. If you want an all-over glow, do a spray tan at least 24 hours before your event. 

There is no reason to fear the festivities—get your sparkle on! Bring your confidence and your uniqueness and you’ll shine as brightly as a Christmas ornament. •