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January 2014 - New Day

01/08/2014 02:57PM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Happy New Year! A calendar of blank pages to fill up, a new set of personal goals to achieve —all the promise of a fresh start. We invite you to pour yourself a warm beverage, curl up in your favorite blanket and enjoy our most recent efforts to inspire, enlighten and entertain you.

Some of the North State’s most ambitious minds have an impressive series of milestones in store for us in the coming year. Hard work and big dreams are slated to lead to a revitalized Tiger Field, an exquisite new wine village, a brand-new Riverfront Playhouse and more. Learn more about them in this issue.

And while new development is always exciting, we can’t forget the destinations that have been part of the fabric of our community for what seems like forever. As a testament to that notion, we’re honoring the 75th anniversary of Damburger—that downtown hamburger shop that has been faithfully feeding North State families and visitors alike since the days of hungry Shasta Dam workers. Get a taste of days gone by.

Then, we’ll take you to Monster Camp—a training gym where teenagers’ aggression is channeled into discipline, accountability and core values while they build physical and mental strength. Many are referred from peer court, drug court and the Youth Violence Prevention Council.

If your list of resolutions included a fitness component, we’ve got a treat for you—step away from the boring treadmill and take a trek on the Keswick Eastside Trails. Hikers, bikers, runners and equestrians can enjoy the picturesque span between Shasta Dam and the Sacramento River Trail. This is the first in a quarterly series that will explore local trails, and will also introduce you to some of the indigenous plants you’ll find along the way. 

May the dawn of a new year enrich your mind, body and soul. Enjoy!