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February 2014 - Love Struck

01/24/2014 10:59AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

From The Enjoy Team

What makes your heart beat faster? We're celebrating love this month, and we have plenty to share—and it doesn’t always look the way you'd expect. One North State woman finds her passion as a star jammer with Shasta Roller Derby. Some ambitious octogenarians find theirs behind the controls of an airplane. And a local artist’s heart races when he opens a new box of crayons. We'll tell you more about each of them in this issue.

Traditionalists may tell you that Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without presenting a gift of chocolate to the one you love, and the guys behind Dick Taylor Chocolate stand ready to help you make that happen. These woodworkers-turned-chocolatiers are among fewer than 50 craft chocolate makers in the country, and their treats are available at their shop in Arcata, but also at Enjoy the Store.

This month is all about affairs of the heart, and Dr. Douglas McConnell has made a career of keeping tickers in tip-top shape. You can learn more about him in this issue.

Do you know what Carli and David Ray love (besides each other)?  Redding, California. Their “Love Redding” movement is gaining traction and celebrating many of the things that we adore about our corner of the world. 

Looking for some quality time with your little loves? We’ve got some crafting ideas that are not only fun, but they’re a delightful way to ornament your home.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes - we love our significant others, but also our children, our pets, our friends. We’ll share some of our readers’ love stories in these pages.

To love!