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01/24/2014 12:44PM ● By Jennifer Highet
By Jennifer Highet
Photo by Jennifer Highet

Creative Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Whether you are flying solo this year or celebrating with a loved one, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to get your craft on. These projects are not only fun to do, they also result in beautiful decorations for a romantic Valentine’s dinner.

Valentine Topiaries

For this project you will need a five-inch Styrofoam ball, a hefty stack of red tissue paper, scissors, stick pins and about 30 pieces of thin wire, three inches in length. 

1. Separate your tissue paper into stacks of six. Cut them into rectangles that measure three by six inches.

2. Take your first stack, fold in half lengthways and cut a heart at each end, starting at the fold. 

3. Smooth tissue paper flat, and accordion fold into four to six folds.

4. Wrap wire around middle of paper, twisting at the bottom to secure.

5. Pull up and shape each layer of paper like a petal. The key to this is to keep your layers separate and curve each petal forward toward the center.   

6. Hold flower by the wire base and tack with one pin to the Styrofoam ball. Secure tightly with a second pin.

7. Repeat process until most of the ball is covered (leave a small blank space so the floral ball can sit on a candle holder or other stand).

The fun thing about this project is there is no incorrect way to make the flowers. Make them smaller or larger by adjusting your paper size. Fold the petals close together, or make them loose and leafy. You can also try doing a pointed edge instead of a heart shape.

Valentine Candles

This project is so easy you can complete it in less than 10 minutes. You will need a white pillar candle, two rolls of 25-foot red 20mm or 22mm jewelry wire, and a heart charm.

1. Bend a small piece of wire at a 90-degree angle. Start at the base of the candle and push the end into the wax. Place your finger over the entry point and begin to wrap the wire around the candle, securing the wire as you go.

2. When you’ve used about half of your wire, slide your charm into place and then continue to wind the wire. 

3. Take the wire as high as you would like and when finished, hook the end, slide it under some of the secured wire and push the end into the wax. Do this on the back of your candle.

Like the flower project, there is no incorrect way to apply the wire. Do it in smooth, circular motions, gradually working your way up, or apply it haphazardly in messy strips. Stop every few rotations to add a bead or a charm. Use your imagination and have fun.

Easy Valentine Candies

You will need a silicone heart candy mold, parchment paper, cinnamon and peppermint hard candies.

1. Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees.

2. Place unwrapped candy in each heart, with the tip of the candy touching the top point of the heart.

3. Set your pan onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and place into the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until they’ve melted into the heart shape.

4. Remove from oven, let them cool and then gently pop them out.

These can be used for decorations, as little gifts inside your up-cycled mint-tins, or set out in a candy dish.

Upcycled Mint Tins

Don’t we all have a few of these in a drawer somewhere, thinking they might be good for something?  Well, here is one option!  For this project you will need spray paint, paint brushes, Mod Podge or glue, a sealer (if you don’t use Mod Podge) and fun, crafty notions.

1. Paint the tins and allow them to dry.  White, red, or pink are good color choices.

2. Use the Mod Podge or glue to apply layers of beauty to your tin top and sides. Let it dry in between applications so it doesn’t get wrinkles. Seal each dried layer with a fresh coat of Mod Podge, or if using glue, wait until you’re done and seal the entire top with spray sealer.

3. Inside you can continue your creativity, or place little gifts. 

Let your crafty flag fly! Use buttons, ribbon, fabric, scrapbook paper, old cards or love letters. What to put inside? Couple’s coupons are perfect for this size of tin, the little heart candies described below, or your own gift that needs a perfect box.

Certainly, many of these items can be bought, but there is something loving about making gifts with your hands, and the recipient of a thoughtful, handmade gift truly feels that love.