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The Pillow Talker

03/06/2014 04:45PM ● By Enjoy Magazine
Store Front: Debra Skoniecki

ENJOY: Tell us a little about the products that you sell. 

DEBRA: Pillows! Pillows! Pillows! I love pillows! I hand-stencil and sew pillows adorned with endearing sentiments that apply to life. My technique tends to resemble newsprint with slight color variations.  

ENJOY: Why do you love creating this type of pillow?  

DEBRA: I am drawn to this quality because, like my pillows, no two customers are the same. I often tailor my pillows to specific holidays and events. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings and anniversaries are some of my favorites. I want my product to convey my passion, by producing items that celebrate life’s events. My creations represent my pride as an artisan.  The fact that people purchase my products is the highest compliment.

ENJOY: When did you start creating them? 

DEBRA: I was preparing for the Roses and Rust Vintage Home and Garden Market a few years ago. I designed some simple statement pillows with popular global cities on them: London, Rome, Paris. Then I had a “Eureka” moment: Redding! Redding needed a pillow! And so it began.

ENJOY: How did it evolve from a hobby to a business?  

DEBRA: I started sewing when my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Bissell, taught me after school. I always had the desire to make things to sell. In junior high, I came up with a product: a pom-pom ball creature with construction paper feet. I sold out my first day in business. I went on to make cats and teddy bears in high school. As an adult, I moved to Shingletown. Craft shows were big when I arrived 25 years ago.  I sold items at shows and in stores all around Northern California. Then Enjoy the Store found me. They expanded my customer base.  The dedicated patrons of the Redding and Red Bluff stores keep me extremely busy.

ENJOY: How do you get inspiration for your designs? 

DEBRA: I draw inspiration from the world around me.  I photograph colors, patterns, textiles, etc. on a daily basis to review later. Ideas come out of these thousands of images. When I sit down to create, time flies by so quickly.

ENJOY: What do people like most about your products? 

DEBRA: I think people enjoy finding a pillow with the perfect word or saying, to keep for themselves or to give as a gift. My pillows express many romantic sentiments, such as “Mr. & Mrs.,” “You & Me,” “Love” and “Home,” to name a few. I am proud to be the messenger that reminds my community of the love we all have in our hearts.