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Service Above Self

05/27/2014 12:00AM ● By anonymous
REDDING CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, ROTARY INTERACT CLUB provides local and international support through community projects. Interact clubs were founded in 1962, and the name of the club combines the words “international” and “action.” Today, nearly 13,000 clubs around the world have more than 300,000 members. Redding Christian School Interact club is sponsored by the Anderson Rotary Club, which supports the core values of Interact clubs: to foster a lifetime of service for young people between the ages of 12 and 18.

Interact members grow friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn leadership skills through hard work and responsibility, while propagating human kindness and compassion. Each year, Interact clubs complete at least two community service projects: one which furthers international goodwill and the other a local goodwill effort.
Over spring break, members of the Redding Christian School Interact club remodeled a children’s room at the House of Hope New Life Recovery program. “The women and children living at the House of Hope love their newly remodeled family room so much,” says vice president Natalie Verhoog. “They like having slumber parties in it.”

How you can help: Donate to Redding Christian School Interact Club at 21945 Old 44 Drive, Palo Cedro, CA 96073 or go to and click the “Support RCS” tab. The “donate” button will allow you to donate using a credit card. Or, you can join Anderson Rotary and become a community volunteer.