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The Chocolatier

07/24/2014 11:15AM ● By Enjoy Magazine
Chocolat de Nanette

ENJOY: Tell us how you got started in the chocolate business.
NANCY: Thirty-one years ago this September, I started wholesale—I was selling to delis, markets and that type of thing for about three years. Then I opened a retail shop in the old Sherven Square building, and I did a booming business in wholesale and retail, but then I focused on retail for a while. It was very popular and very good. When See’s Candies was coming to town, people thought they were going to put me out of business, but that didn’t happen and that was awesome. We decided in 1994 to move over to Market Street, where we opened a restaurant and combined it with Chocolat de Nannette. Then we started a candy bar business, after I was asked if I could produce Mount Shasta Chocolate Bars to promote local bike trails and walking trails. I’ve been doing that candy bar business for 11 years, and we’ve also done candy bars for Turtle Bay Exploration Park and the Weed Store. By 2007, I went back to wholesale, we turned our restaurant business over to our son, Wes, and it became Market Street Steakhouse.

ENJOY: What do people love about your product?
NANCY:  I think I make a very good chocolate. It’s very rich – you just can’t buy it in the grocery store. It’s gourmet chocolate. I think people enjoy that it’s handmade; I will not go to the machinery. A lot of people have converted their truffles to machine-made, and to me, that’s just not truffles.

ENJOY: Do you make everything yourself?
NANCY: I started my business on truffles, so that’s really the only
chocolate that I make myself now. Helpers come in and help with the other chocolates, but the truffles are a secret recipe inside my head.

ENJOY: Where does your candy-crafting magic happen now?
NANCY: I have a wholesale kitchen downstairs in the downtown mall. I still do custom work for offices that want to do gift-giving for the holidays. Mercy Medical Center does a huge order with me every September to thank their employees, and I see nurses who say, “I can’t wait ‘til I get my truffles.” It’s pretty exciting to hear that.

ENJOY: Of course, we’re delighted that your chocolates can be found at Enjoy the Store.
NANCY: I’ve been doing Enjoy the Store for about three years now. Before, they just dabbled in chocolate, but they recently put in a candy case, and I get to fill it all, and it’s really exciting. We have truffles, haystacks, chocolate bark – I just introduced caramel sea salt truffles and caramel sea salt bark. Enjoy the Store Red Bluff likes that candy case and wanted one, so we’re getting ready this week to get that all loaded. That’s very exciting. I also supply Holiday Market at Buenaventura Boulevard in Redding, which was my only retail outlet for many years.

ENJOY: What’s the most fun part about making chocolate?
NANCY: Just working with it – and if you want to have a piece of chocolate, you can. I love creating with chocolate. I think it’s the best item on the food chain. I don’t think there are very many people out there who don’t like chocolate, so it’s an easy sell.