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Beauty Beyond Summer

07/24/2014 11:14AM ● By Melissa Gulden
By Melissa Gulden

Back to School Beauty Tips

As another school year approaches and the leisurely days of summer come to an end, you may need a little extra inspiration to help get you out of  bed and into something other than shorts or a bathing suit. Here are a few ideas to help you get ready and out the door in minutes.

Start with a creamy concealer stick. Everyone (yes, everyone) can benefit from a little concealer. Swipe it half an inch under your eyes from corner to corner (if you do it right at the lashes, it can look heavy); tap with your ring finger to blend. Pat it on any redness or spots, especially around the nose. This alone will brighten your whole face and take years off.

Try one of the new and improved BB or CC creams or a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (always SPF!) to smoothe and even out your complexion. Then dust a powder foundation all over your face with a big, fluffy brush. You will have flawless coverage that won’t cake or look heavy. Plus, it will set your concealer so it lasts all day.

A peachy or coral blush is perfect for giving a subtle glow. Again, use a fluffy brush to apply. If you use a cream formula, your fingers are fine. Just be sure to hit those apples for a youthful effect. (And it forces you to smile while applying!)

Always use mascara. Everyone needs a little mascara to open up the eyes. After curling lashes, “smush” the brush into the base of your lashes, then bring it in toward your nose as you pull up to the tips, wiggling the brush as you go. That—and filling in any sparse areas on your brows with a pencil—wakes the face right up. Tip: Try using a pencil liner on the area right underneath your top lashes—it might feel a bit strange at first, but will darken your lash line and open up the eyes. (Be careful not to poke yourself in the eye.)

It makes your lips look lush—and you don’t even need a mirror to put it on, which means you can put it on in the car—bonus!

Hair is often the biggest time sucker, especially if you wash and dry it every day. Try stepping away from the hot tools. Throw your hair into a loose bun and slip on a headband. Ponytails are always in fashion, thankfully, especially if you haven’t had time to wash your hair. Keep it out of your face and off your mind. Or toss on a cute fedora for an easy, carefree look.

*If you have just a little more time, do something extra to play up your eyes. Sweep a light shadow across your top lid. Use a darker shadow near your lashline and blend. Line your top and bottom lash lines. For a more intense look, try a liquid or gel liner. Or try one of those felt pen liners for instant drama.
The goal is to appear put together, in spite of what chaos might transpire every morning. To avoid looking hurried, rushed or like you just rolled out of bed (even if you did), do a few key things to brighten your face while squeezing out a few more minutes of beauty rest. Pretty soon you’ll have your routine down in no time. Who knows…you may even have time for coffee…