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What's In Store: Nancy Reese, Potter

08/25/2014 10:05AM ● By Brandi Barnett
September 2014

ENJOY: How did you become interested in pottery?
Nancy: I was always an artist. For years I was a florist, and I also worked in watercolors. Then I put my hands in clay and it was all over. I’ve been doing it for 18 years.

ENJOY: What types of things do you create?
Nancy: I was doing raku for a while, and I did decorator pieces that were mostly animals, like rabbits and rams. One of my sets is bamboo forests. For Enjoy the Store, I do more functional ware, like pots and platters and mugs.

ENJOY: Why do people love your products?
Nancy: I make my own glazes. One is kind of turquoise and brown, and another that I just developed is a plum color that flows into a brown, and it looks like mountains when it’s on a mug. I love it.

ENJOY: Where and when do you work?
Nancy: I have a small studio with a wheel and kiln on the side of my house, and on the outside is a plaque that says, “You must be centered to enter.” I work when it’s cool in the morning, and when the Giants game is on. My husband is a huge Giants fanatic, so I go lose my mind out there.

ENJOY: What do you enjoy about pottery?
Nancy: It’s tactile, and you can make something from nothing. If I need a planter, I go out and make one. If it doesn’t turn out, I make another. I fell in love with clay as soon as I knew I could make something that I saw in my head.

ENJOY: Do you have an assistant?
Nancy: My dog, Blue, pots with me. He’s a 7-year-old black lab. My husband will come home and say, “I know you’ve been playing with clay, because he’s covered in it.”