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Must-Do Fall Projects

09/25/2014 12:00AM ● By Jennifer Highet

Craft It

October 2014
By Jennifer Highet

We are rapidly approaching the time of costumes, candy, turkey and pies – when we all look forward not only to the food, but the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends. It’s never too early to begin plotting some easy, low-cost fall decorations.

Whether you are a decorating purist or prefer to use a less traditional color scheme, there is something for everyone.

Materials needed: Multiple glass bottles or vases (large sizes work best). White, orange and yellow spray paint.
1. Wash glass with soap; rinse and pat dry.
2. In a properly vented area, paint an orange strip around the middle of the glass.
3. Once dry, add a yellow strip to the bottom and a white one to the top. No need to tape off the individual sections; this allows for a nice fade effect.
4. Let sit overnight, then display in the house with other Halloween goodies.

Spray paint has come a long ways and it dries very quickly. Make sure you check the back of your can before you apply your next coat. In some cases it can be applied as quickly as 5 minutes later.

If you love the rich orange and red foliage of fall, this is a quick way to create a new display. You will need a clear glass vase, a silk leaf garland and white lights.
1. Use a vase that is large enough to hold your leaves and lights.
2. Wrap your lights around the leaf garland and then carefully place them inside.
3. Top off with wheat fronds, cattails or whatever is appealing to the eye.
4. Do not leave the lights burning for long periods of time.

While planning for Thanksgiving, I knew I wanted to decorate with non-traditional fall colors. I love the idea of working with book pages, and I have been itching to Mod Podge strips onto something, I just didn’t know what. I was scouring thrift shops and came across a plastic orange pumpkin. This little guy was a bit of an eyesore, but I knew he would be perfect after he was made over. This project would work just as well with any plastic fruit or gourd.

You will need book pages torn into strips ( 1x2-inch seems to work best), Mod Podge, paint brush, glitter (black, brown, green or gold) and newspaper to work on.
1. Coat the stem of your pumpkin with Mod Podge and cover with the glitter of your choice. I used a black iridescent glitter and love the way it turned out.
2. Brush Mod Podge onto the pumpkin and attach the book pages. Be prepared to get sticky fingers, there is no way to avoid it! Use your nail to press the book pages into the creases of the pumpkin to enhance its lines.
3. Once the pumpkin is covered and dry, give it a final coat of Mod Podge to seal the surface.
4. Add more glitter around the stem if you would like to cover any paper edges. Showcase with hurricane lamps filled with corn or colored pasta and topped with a flickering candle. Spray paint wine bottles white and place fall foliage inside for a clean, decorative look. You could also add lettering to your bottles to spell out “fall” or “give thanks”. I chose to leave mine blank so that I can reuse them for other holidays.

Remember the hurricane vases we made last Christmas? These are perfect to fill with Halloween candy and candles to round out your seasonal display. Gather your creations together in various groups for table centerpieces, side table, mantle or window displays. Group items of various heights and colors, and notice that a tight grouping is usually more attractive than a sparse display with too much negative space. And if there are children’s crafts, be sure to give them
pride of place in your design!