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Secrets Uncovered

12/24/2014 12:11AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Secrets Uncovered

January 2015

• We’ve had 19 cover contributors. 70 out of the 100 covers were photographed by Kara Stewart.
• We used stock photos for 3 of our early covers.
• There is a human element on every cover.
• We don’t just use people. We’ve had 8 dogs, 2 horses and one fish on our covers.
• Some of our team and family members and pets of our team have been on our covers. Co-owner/publisher Michelle Adams’ daughter has been on two, her husband’s hands were on one and her dog has been on one.
• Editor in chief Ronda Ball’s daughter, Jenna, and granddaughter, Delaney, have both been on a cover.
• Enjoy the Store employee Kim Acuña’s husband was on our “chalk art” cover.
• Hannah Leone, who was a summer intern, was used for our 5th anniversary cover.
• Beauty writer Melissa Gulden was drinking coffee on a cover.
• Copy editor/writer Kerri Regan’s sons Eric and Zach were fishing on a cover.
• Two covers were photographed by contest winners Jessica McCollam and Kathi Corder.
• The Sundial Bridge didn’t make it on the cover until July 2014.
• Photographer Kara Stewart’s daughters Shailen and Chloe have been on several covers but most of the time you don’t see their faces.
• Enjoy the Store employee Kimberly Bonéy and her husband, Cleveland, are on the June 2010 cover. At the time of the photo, Kimberly owned and operated Kimberly Nicole Boutique and the photo was taken a month before they were married.
• There have been 2 illustrated covers, including the one on this issue.
• Co-owner/publisher Michelle Adams has not been on any covers, but has been asked plenty of times if she has.
• The cherry tree was Photoshopped onto the April 2007 cover, as was the balloon on the February 2010 cover.
• The most difficult cover to shoot was the July 2008 cover with Jeneil Buchholz swimming in a pool. Kara had to be held under the water so she could get the shot. Every time she’d go under, she’d float back up. The water was also very cold since the photo was taken at the end of May.
• The month and date were accidentally omitted from the March 2011 cover.
• We Photoshopped flowers on the dress of the girl on the June 2011 cover to add more color.
• The girl in the lower right hand corner of the November 2009 cover was not in the original photo and was Photoshopped in.
• The Fly Shop’s Michael Caranci has provided two photos for our covers. Can you guess which ones they are?
• We usually give the photographer an idea of what we want for the covers. The photographer typically finds the people they shoot but once in a while we’ll suggest someone.
• We put the magazines together more than a month before they are seen by you. The snow on the January 2008 cover is not real. The leaves on the November 2014
cover were given more of a warm, yellow/orange tone with Photoshop because at the time the photo was taken, the leaves on the trees were still pretty green and there weren’t a lot of leaves on the ground.

• Owners/publishers Michelle Adams and Yvonne Mazzotta, store manager/business development director James Mazzotta, editor-inchief Ronda Ball, sales representative Michael O’Brien and recipe writer Lana Granfors worked together at KMS Haircare for a combined total of 102 years.
• InHouse Marketing (now officially Enjoy, Inc.) will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. It opened its door for business in February 2005. Enjoy Magazine was launched a year and a half later.
• More than 1,800 stories have been published in Enjoy Magazine.
• After publishing so many stories about local artisans and getting phone calls from readers asking where they could find the products we were writing about, James Mazzotta created the idea for Enjoy the Store. All the products sold in the store are made in the North State.
• Enjoy the Store’s first official sale was on October 14, 2010. The purchase was Lima Huli Lavender Soap and Lavender & Citrus Spritzer.
• Enjoy the Store has expanded three times in its current location.
• Enjoy the Store, Red Bluff opened in April 2013.
• Enjoy launched a new magazine in the South Valley in October 2014, called Enjoy Magazine: South Valley Living. The sales team, writers and photographers are based in the Visalia area and it’s designed in Redding.
• Enjoy the Store, Visalia opened in October 2014 — the same time the new magazine launched.