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Find Your Perfect Accessory

01/07/2015 10:13AM ● By Kimberly Boney

Fashion Forward

January 2015
By Kimberly Boney

A fashion accessory can be quite an enigma. It’s rather puzzling how a piece that was initially created to play the background has suddenly become the most sought-after element in any given fashion ensemble. Well selected and stylishly worn accessories can be the best Investments of your time, energy and finances. Let us help you choose wisely as you step fashionably into 2015.

BOLD IS BETTER. Remember those dainty little minimalist-inspired necklaces that
were all the rage in 2014? Don’t toss them out yet. They are still perfectly viable for this
year’s look, but do find a way to layer them amongst other necklaces whenever possible.
There are no hard-and-fast layering rules. Feel free to mix your metals, chain lengths and
textures to create a style that is uniquely yours. Unexpected combinations of layered
chains and chunky baubles are at the heart of all that is fabulous in the realm of jewelry
this year. Perhaps the most interesting thing about 2015’s take on jewelry is the unabashed way it mixes organic materials like natural stones and leather with high-shine metallics. And no time of day is too early to don your bling. Wake up. Get dressed. Rock your boldest jewels. Repeat.

BAG SOME COOL POINTS. This year, bags are doing far more than just schlepping your stuff around. They are catching eyes, turning heads and dropping jaws. From the oversized satchels, totes and bucket styles that dominated the runways at fashion week to functional cross-body styles and the updated clutch bag, complete with a wrist or hand strap, your stylish bag will be your new best friend. This is the prime opportunity to play with a bold color, pattern or shape (round ones are all the rage), even if you prefer to keep your clothing structurally basic or neutral in color. A word to the wise: even though big bags are in, you don’t need to carry the kitchen sink in yours. The bag should carry your essentials and leave room to hold an extra layer of clothing, perhaps a cardigan or a scarf. Your shoulders and back will thank you later.

EMBODY YOUR INNER SUPERWOMAN. Wearing as many hats as you do – wife, mom, teacher, taxi driver, coach, counselor, chef (you get the picture) —you are a superhero. Why shouldn’t you have a cape to match? Get the visual of a wave of red satin blowing in the wind behind you out of your mind. We don’t mean that kind of cape. We do, however, mean a stylish, bold rendition that is sure to be your go-to accessory this season. Also: see poncho. Whatever you want to call it, call it stunning. Long, mid-length or short, wear one with your favorite dress, denim or sleek leggings. It’ll look great with leather riding boots, calf-length stiletto boots, closed-toe pumps or the gladiator-style “shootie”.

GET COZY. Knit elements are a classic bet you can always count on. Timeless and functional for cold weather locales, knit is finding new and interesting ways to warm our hearts. A knit infinity scarf, slouchy hat or headband is sure to keep you bundled up and beautiful during the North State’s winter cold snaps. Ivory is a go-to neutral that can be worn with virtually anything in your closet. But living in a world full of beige on a regular basis can be boring. In addition to the neutral of your choice, pick up a few knit elements in bold colors to chase the winter blues away. Need a new way to wear your knit? Seek out a stylish and snuggly pair of leg warmers. They’ll tuck in perfectly to the tops of your boots and give a sassy burst of texture over leggings or tights. Don’t be surprised if you see people looking down to notice them as you strut by.

SPEAKING OF “SHOOTIES”… A “shootie” is a hybrid between a shoe and a bootie, sometimes closed toe, but in 2015, often featured with an open-toed, gladiator-inspired nod to the Roman Empire. Edgy, bold and not for the faint of heart, a shootie may just become your favorite new fashion adventure this year. But don’t let your shoe fetish stop there. This year, shoes are growing bolder, brighter and more patterned by the moment. From vibrant sneakers worn with maxi skirts (go figure) to wild and crazy kicks in every height imaginable, feel free to go as far as your imagination will carry you. Step out boldly, girlfriend. Trust us. Others will be right there with you.