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TV Time

01/07/2015 12:08PM ● By Patrick John

TV Time

January 2015
By Patrick John

I admit it. I watch a lot of TV. The set, the tube, the telly, the idiot box, the magic screen… I love it, and it loves me back with endless channels of reality, nature, travel, home improvement, adventure, horror, fantasy, news and so much more. The TV definitely fills part of my day, and apparently I’m not alone. The latest figures from the Nielsen ratings company say the average American is glued to that screen for more than five hours a day.

No way. Surely I don’t watch that much TV. Let’s think about this… home from work around 1pm. Maybe a little “Family Feud” with lunch. Take the dogs outside for exercise, get the mail, run errands, a little yard work and housework, check e-mail and Facebook…oh my gosh, is “Ellen” on already? Time flies, better go investigate and see what needs to happen for dinner. News is on… gotta get the latest weather forecast. TV off for dinner. OK, dishes are done and the kitchen is cleaned up just in time for “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy!” Insert the rest of the evening’s TV shows here.

Wow, I DO watch too much TV. The Nielsen report also says that as we get older, we watch even more television. Jane has been telling me I have a TV problem for awhile, so I am going to be in some serious trouble here. I smell a New Year’s resolution for myself.

What to do about this little addiction of mine? Suggestions from experts to wean yourself off the boob tube include playing games, being active in another area of your home or simply getting outside. They also recommend reducing the total number of TVs in the house and getting a DVR, so you’re only watching the shows you want instead of wandering aimlessly through channels until something catches your attention. You can listen to the radio, because it’s a lot easier to multitask while just listening, rather than having to add the sense of sight. Of course, reading a book or magazine is also a good choice (and since you’re reading Enjoy at this moment, you’re already headed in the right direction!).

The last piece of expert advice was not to cut off TV totally or cold turkey (thank goodness for that). It just means we have to be a little picky and choosy, but can continue to watch
the programs we REALLY like with no guilt. Perfect, because “Jeopardy!” is a staple here, “Downton Abbey” is back this month, and I can’t miss “Game of Thrones” when it returns in early spring!