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Love is a Work of (He)art

01/23/2015 09:17AM ● By Jennifer Highet

Craft It

February 2015
By Jennifer Highet

On Valentine's Day, we profess our love and are cherished in return. This month's crafts include one especially for kids, which is the perfect way to share your love of crafting with the little ones who own your heart.

First, the adult crafts:

300 coffee filters, hot glue gun, stapler and cardboard or foam board cut into a wreath form. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little bowl of ice sitting nearby to soothe burnt fingers, or, pick up little silicone finger tips from a craft shop to protect your skin.

Coffee filter craft s are all the rage right now. Who would have thought something so simple and cheap could produce such fabulous results? Instead of using a wreath form as depicted, you could also use a heart shape. The wreath can be used year around — just add a flair of your favorite holiday décor.

1. Take 2 coffee filters and fold them in half, smoothing the bottom, but allowing the top to remain full. Fold in half two more times, leaving a ¼” size, which will look like a little fan. Staple the bottom to secure the folds. Th is will take about 30-45 minutes to do — a perfect task while you are watching a movie or visiting with friends.

2. Apply the hot glue to the wreath and press the bottom of each flower into the wreath. Work your way around until the surface is covered.

3. Let it dry overnight, then fluff to reach the desired fullness.

Tip: One white filter with one brown filter gives it a pretty, shabby-chic look.


This craft is ingenious and easy! A bit skeptical about how “real” they would look, I was pleasantly surprised and love the way it displays on my mantel. You can do this with just about anything (little berries, fl owers, Valentine’s hearts) to match the season or your taste. For this craft , you will need branches (from your yard works great), cotton swabs, clippers and a hot glue gun.

1. Snip the heads off both ends of the cotton swab.

2. When you have the desired number of tips, heat up your glue gun.

3. Place a small dot of glue onto the branch where you will apply the cotton swab head. Selecting areas where leaves or branches broke off will make it look more realistic.

4. Attach as many as you like, alternating between groupings of one to three.

5. Arrange in your favorite vase or jar

And the kid craft :


Instead of buying store-made cards for your child’s classmates, let your little ones get creative and make their own. It will save you money, too! Not to mention, it’s a good excuse for you to play with furry pom-poms and wacky eyes. Allows your child’s creativity to go wild. You will need pom-poms, pipe cleaners, scrap paper (or paint samples), googly eyes, kid-safe scissors and glue.

1. Cut out as many hearts as needed for the kids in your child’s class. If you draw the hearts out for the younger ones, they can help you cut the shapes.

2. Place a small dot of glue on the bottom of the pom-pom and glue to the bottom point of the heart, so the “face” of the pom-pom looks toward the curves of the heart, which will act as feet now that the point is covered.

3. Use little clippings of pipe cleaners for arms, mouths and decoration. Apply the googly eyes to the “head”.

4. Repeat until done.

Charles Dickens once said, “Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires and a touch that never hurts.” On this Valentine’s Day, be well, be happy — be loved!