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Incorporating Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year

02/23/2015 12:12AM ● By Kimberly Boney

Your Majesty

March 2015
By Kimberly Boney

Marsala, a sweet red wine native tot he Western region of Sicily, is the base color concept and namesake for Pantone's 2015 color of the year, Marsala's Majesty. But it’s the sweet, perfectly unexpected undertones of chocolate, watermelon and even a hint of tangerine that make the color a true feast for the eyes. Lady Marsala is bold, yet unassuming; charming, yet shy; passive, yet unrelenting. Add some of her rich, robust flavor to your wardrobe, home, garden or wedding and you’ll swear up and down you’ve been transported to the lap of luxury in Sicilian wine country.

A rich jewel-tone like marsala pairs surprisingly well with even the most note-worthy pastels and brights. Combine Lady Marsala with blush or pale pink for unprecedented romance in the spring. Marsala is refreshing in summer next to vibrant turquoises and limes. For fall, try marsala next to warm shades of marigold and persimmon. And if you think monochromatic reds don’t work, you haven’t seen marsala sitting next to her good friend Candy Apple. We weren’t so sure at first, either. But they play extraordinarily well together, as good girlfriends do. No competition - just pure fabulousness and mutual respect.

WARDROBE: Have you ever seen people’s response to a woman in a red dress? There is a moment when time itself seems to stop to admire her. Marsala has the same allure, but with a bit more mystery. Nothing says confidence like a moto jacket in marsala. A structured wool coat in the lovely shade will have you looking hot for your captive audience. A blouse in marsala is the perfect complement under a blazer or cardigan in just about any shade. Boots, mile-high stilettos or a bold bag in marsala? Yes, please. We’ll take all three. You don’t have to have lots of pieces in marsala to update your look. An otherwise neutral outfit with one marsala element will do the trick. If your skin tone tends to wash out while wearing wine infused shades, take a risk with contrasting bold red lips and let the belief that “this color couldn’t work for me” melt away like a sugar cube in hot tea.

HOME: A bold buffet, chic sofa or coffee table in marsala will add spice and intensity to a neutral room. Old books, frames and unique trinkets bring personality to mantles,
side tables or bookshelves. A dramatic vase or a pair of candlesticks on the dining table will add refreshing height variation to a room.

For a more drastic change, consider an accent wall in marsala. Word to the wise: purchase samples in a few similar shades so that you can get an honest feel for the color in reference to other pieces in your home, your lighting and your flooring. What looks fabulous in the paint section may not look so swift in your abode. Use primer or apply a double or triple coat of paint if necessary to get the coverage you are looking for. Prepping your adjoining walls, moldings and baseboards with painter’s tape may seem tedious, but it’s a necessary step in making sure the finish is as flawless as the color itself.

WEDDING: The color of the year is virtually guaranteed to be all the rage on the wedding scene, but we’re not sure a color has ever been so worthy of its popularity as marsala. Picture your bridesmaids adorned in flowing gowns of marsala. Your tables are set to perfection with linen napkins and the chair backs sashed with rich, flowing organza of the same shade. The red velvet cupcakes on your desert table are edible works of art. You walk proudly down the aisle holding a flawlessly arranged bouquet of marsala, apricot and blush. Your handsome groom is wearing a beautiful, familiar shade in his boutonniere. It’s the perfect shade of marsala. After all, it’s the “it” color this year. Don’t believe us? Just enter “marsala wedding” into Pinterest’s search engine and let the adventures begin. You’re welcome.

GARDEN: Marsala is no stranger to nature. You’ll oft en see her smiling at you from the petals of roses, ranunculi, orchids, mums, dahlias and calla lilies. From flowering plum trees and plump heirloom tomatoes to the meandering wood of a manzanita branch, she is there, subtly but surely making her presence known. For any season and in just about any height or level of heartiness, you are sure to find something enchanting in sweet marsala.

If you’d like to make the shade a more permanent fixture in your garden — one you don’t have to replant every season — consider incorporating brickwork, decorative terra cotta pots, upcycled patio furniture, painted wooden birdfeeders or outdoor cushions and throw pillows in marsala into your garden paradise.