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Redding Artisans Printing & Framing

02/24/2015 12:03AM ● By Sandie Tillery

Picture This

March 2015
By Sandie Tillery
Photos: Betsy Erickson

Fine art and frames naturally go together. Framing, says Anna Roedocker-Mann, is another art form. Anna and husband Dann Mann "are passionate about the artistry" of printing and framing, about enhancing fine art and photographs entrusted to them. Their recently expanded
business, Artisans Printing and Framing (formerly HDR Imaging), focuses on carefully reproducing original art and photography into prints, custom framing and a variety of other restoration and preservation services. This year, they added in-house art and photography classes.

Mann and business partner Dean Gustafson opened their print business in 2009 with a new printer, an Epson 9900, the first high-dynamic range printer in the North State to produce exceptional quality giclee prints. They shared space with Picture This Frame Shop, where Mann applied his eye for detail and enhancement when printing photos and added new skills in framing thanks to encouragement and mentoring from Gustafson. Anna joined them in the business in 2011 and, under Dann’s tutelage, has learned to effectively use the printer's capabilities. They moved the business from Victor Avenue in Redding to the north end of Hilltop Drive in 2012.

Printing and printers are not all equal. High-dynamic range printers use pigmented inks and more print heads than standard printers. Anna has become the resident reproduction expert, spending anywhere from 30 minutes to five hours scrutinizing paintings during the process from high-resolution scanner to Photoshop to printer, assuring that color and detail accurately capture the artist’s original. She uses her artist’s eye to carefully preserve the texture, detail and layers of color. She essentially puts the work under a microscope to “get to know as much about the art work as the artist does.” She takes as much care when restoring old, torn or damaged photographs.

The museum-quality paper they use is as important as printer colors. Paper, pigments and other products used are all archival quality. They are concerned about the survival of their products “so memories will last for many, many generations.” Everything they sell is custom made. Services include custom framing; conservation and shadow boxes; photo printing; premium, museum, archival and cotton canvases; photo restoration; digitally restored or damaged sentimental pieces; fine art reproductions; high-resolution scanning and detailed color matching. “We like wowing people,’” says Mann.

Local chiropractor and photographer, Frank Kratofil, is a regular customer. “I am a stickler for having my photos look natural. It’s the reason I get up early and stay late for the right lighting. Both Anna and Dann are amazing with the computer, which makes print quality amazing, especially when I want huge prints. Dann is great with helping me pick out the right frame and the matting to go with the picture I print. I have referred friends who are all fans of their quality workmanship.”

Artisans Printing and Framing doubles as an art gallery and studio where classes are now offered by local artists and photographers well-known in the North State. Mark Behrens, Garry Bagula, Denise Granger-Kerb, Debbie Andrews, Patricia Bollinger, Sandi Howell and Susan Emerson will teach and exhibit at Artisans Printing and Framing in 2015.

Mann and Anna met when they walked down the aisle together at the wedding of mutual friends in Reno. Anna grew up in the Reno area immersed in an active art community. Mann began loving photography early in his life, thanks to his father and a group of avid photographers in the small community of Sonora, California. Now with three small children, they both find some time to devote to their artistic passions. Mann works with The Lighting Asylum on photographic art and learning. Their skills and talents mingle as they continue to build a business that celebrates the artistic process, from conception to exhibition.