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The Paper Box, Maurene Lensink & Lynnanne DeWitt

04/22/2015 12:31PM ● By Enjoy Magazine

What's in Store

May 2015

ENJOY: Tell us about your jewelry.
MAURENE: It’s all hand-done sterling silver, copper and brass. There may be similarity among pieces, but they’re handcrafted so each piece is unique. LYNNANNE: You can order your piece with names, dates, coordinates of a place that is special or just a favorite saying or scripture. The possibilities are endless.

ENJOY: How did you become jewelry artists?
MAURENE: I’ve always enjoyed art, but I never felt like the jewelry I produced was salesworthy.
I wanted to work with silver and I had that desire to learn to solder and take my stuff to a new level. Then I met LynnAnne. I asked her if she’d teach me, so she did. LYNNANNE: I wanted some silver jewelry with my children’s names on it, but everything I found looked exactly the same – it was very cookie-cutter and very expensive. I decided I was going to learn to make it on my own. Learning the basics increased my desire to do silversmithing, so I started to create pieces. Once I learned how to manipulate metals and use the torches, I could pretty much create anything.

ENJOY: When did it become a business venture?
LYNNANNE: I started selling pieces about seven years ago, and two years later, I opened The Paper Box. Back in 2013, my husband and I had the opportunity to adopt two children. Because the adoption process is a fulltime job in itself, my business was suffering, so I closed the doors of The Paper Box. In early 2015, Maurene asked me to teach her some silversmithing techniques. We were such a great team that Maurene said, “What about us going into business together?” Hence, The Paper Box doors were re-opened. MAURENE: So we make things and we chat all day. LYNNANNE: And we get to work with fire, which is even more fun.

ENJOY: What do people enjoy about your products?
LYNNANNE: They can create something specific to them, and no matter how many people order from us, their piece is still one of a kind. That’s why this new venture of selling in the Enjoy store is so exciting. It allows people to not just look at pictures online, they can actually touch the product. MAURENE: We can make bracelets that say words like “love,” “focus,” “power,” or we can customize a word on a bracelet. I have the word “love” on my bracelet, because that’s my word for the year, and LynnAnne has grace. I also have a charm bracelet with all my family members’ names, and I even have a dog print charm with my dog’s name on it.

ENJOY: How is your jewelry unique?
LYNNANNE: If you go on Etsy, you’re going to seethousands of the same thing, because people order blanks in bulk to stamp them and attach them to a necklace. Ours is custom on a different level. We actually create the metal pieces. The design and texturing of our metals stands out. You’ll know if somebody is wearing one of our pieces.

ENJOY: Tell us a bit about yourselves.
MAURENE: I am a registered nurse, and I worked in burns and pediatric trauma before I had my own children. I work with and for my husband, Dr. Daniel Lensink, doing whatever is needed, which has allowed me to be home with my kids. My daughter is 18 now and my son is 20, attending college in Montana. LYNNANNE: While Maurene is beginning the “empty nester” stage of life, I’m far from an empty nester. My kids range in age from 15 down to 2. Prior to this, I was working in marketing as an independent contractor for companies ranging from attorney services firms to accountants. I’m a wife and mom to five very busy children.

ENJOY: What’s the best part of your job?
LYNNANNE: We impact people’s lives by our jewelry. We’ve made pieces for everything from brain cancer to cystic fibrosis, to the birth of a child, to the death of a child, to the death of a parent who wanted to give their children a piece to remember them. It goes beyond jewelry. When we develop a piece that’s specific to somebody’s need, such as cancer or some other charitable need, the profits from that piece benefit that charity. MAURENE: People have stories when they ask us to do something. I find that to be really fascinating, and I find it really cool to be part of somebody’s story.

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