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Beauty for Weekend Getaways

05/22/2015 09:18AM ● By Melissa Gulden

Travel Light

June 2015
By Melissa Gulden

Now that it's summer, many of us are dashing off to weekend getaways and sunny destinations. Nothing is more inconvenient than lugging around a bulky skin care system and a bag cluttered with makeup. Whether it’s makeup, sunscreen or moisturizers, great things are coming in small packages. Breeze through TSA with these pro packing tips. And if the mere thought of packing causes you anxiety, just remember—more than likely there will be a drugstore once you get there.

1. I’m a huge fan of beauty products that multi-task, and less is more when it comes to the latest beauty trends. No need to bring more than one lipcolor for a weekend retreat. In fact, a tinted balm with SPF will do just fine poolside. And since you’ll be sporting a more relaxed look overall, simply swipe on a nude lip for evenings and you’re good to go. Take advantage of “convertible” products that work on lips and cheeks, such as Stila or Nars. Throw in a bronzing powder, lash curler, some waterproof mascara and makeup wipes and you’re good to go.

2. Traveling with friends? No need for each of you to bring a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron; sharing tools saves precious space. And many of these items now come in mini versions, so they take up even less room. Sephora, Sally Beauty and even drug stores carry travelfriendly styling tools. Buy easy-to-find staples like shampoo when you arrive, and travel with only a handful of your favorite styling items that you can decant into TSA-approved containers. Getting a haircut one to two weeks before a trip also means you have time to streamline your styling routine and take fewer items with you. And consider your destination. Humidity? Why bother straightening hair at all? Throw into a topknot or even embrace those God-given waves.

3. For skin, MAC Fix+ is a skin refresher with a light scent, perfect during a flight (travel size, $10). And be sure to drink plenty of water, as the air in planes is notoriously dry. Fresh Lotus Eye Gel is great for taming puffiness and dark circles ($48, Always use a daily moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30, such as L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion ($9.99). Many cosmetics contain SPF these days, even foundations and powders; however, for vacation destinations where you’ll be mostly outside and in water, be sure to use a waterproof sport-type sunblock that contains both a physical block (which forms a barrier) and chemicals to absorb harmful UV rays. Some favorite SPFs include: Neutrogena Beach Defense Stick Sunscreen SPF 50+ ($9.99); Supergoop Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 ($26, Sephora); Alterna Haircare Bamboo Beach Summer Spray ($20, Ulta). This will protect your hair from harmful UV rays and keep your color from fading. And remember: It takes about a teaspoonful of sunscreen for the face and a shot-glass size application to sufficiently coat the body for full sun protection.

4. Take advantage of Sephora’s policy of providing three free samples with any online order—you can save the airport-friendly containers for later use. Cosmetics gifts with purchase often come with smaller sized versions of your favorite products, so you can keep your toiletries bag stocked at all times.

No need to fret when it comes to jetsetting. Spend your
precious vacation time enjoying the sights and making
memories, and you won’t even have time to think about
your beauty routine.