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Recycle, Rejuvenate, Repurpose

05/22/2015 09:19AM ● By Jennifer Highet

Craft It

June 2015
By Jennifer Highet

Wooden shutters have always been popular, and until recently they were reasonably priced. Buying them new has become costly, and the antique ones are hard to come by. Why not customize your own?

Garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores are ideal places to find shutters. Most common are the styles from the 1970s-‘80s, and with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. Here is one way to personalize and use your bargain find.

1. Prep your surface. If the wood is rough, sand and smooth it. Start with a higher grit and work your way down to a fine grit of about 180.
2. Clean the shutters with a spray of vinegar and water to remove any dirt, oil or wax buildup.
3. Once dry, follow the directions on your paint to achieve your desired coverage.
4. Allow to dry overnight. Take 150 grit sandpaper and give the surface a few passes, smoothing it out. Finish with 180 grit.
5. If you’d like to shabby them, pay close attention to corners and edges and go over them with a 150 or higher grit. Continue to sand until you see your desired effect. Take the sandpaper to the larger portions of the shutter and lightly sand over the paint until you see a dark shadow start to appear. This gives them an aged look.
6. Finish your surface with a smooth finishing wax paste.
7. You can apply a thin strip of wood across the back with a nail gun if you have trouble keeping your shutters aligned. Attach a saw tooth hanger to the middle back of the shutters.
8. You can add decorative knobs to the shutters, install a shelf along the bottom, screw and mount wall décor, hang earrings and necklaces, use clothespins and display pictures and cards – the possibilities are endless.
9. Hang in your desired location and enjoy!

Scrapbook paper designs provide just the right pop of color for home decorating. This little handled letter holder was stained a dated dark brown and in need of a new look. After applying a coat of white paint and letting it dry, the makeover could begin. You will need Mod Podge, a paint brush, pencil, scissors and scrapbook paper.
1. Place one side of your rustic wood piece onto the scrapbook paper and trace around it. Repeat the same step with your other side(s).
2. Apply the paper to your piece with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Once dry, add a top coat. Allow that to dry and repeat the process until you have achieved your level of shine. You can lightly sand the paper with a very fine grit sandpaper and wax the piece.

Note: This craft would also work perfectly on wooden magazine racks, shelves or wooden canisters, all of which are a dime a dozen at garage sales and thrift stores.

This craft is incredibly easy and very relaxing – the perfect thing to do while visiting with friends. You will need scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, paint brush, pencil, scissors, glass stones (found at dollar stores), glue and magnets.
1. Place your stone on the scrapbook paper in your desired location and trace around the edge with a pencil.
2. Cut on the inside of your pencil lines.
3. Apply Mod Podge to your stone and smooth the circle of paper over it.
4. Allow to dry for a few hours.
5. Apply a quick-dry, strong-hold glue to the back of your scrapbook paper and affix your magnet.

Note: Some magnets have sticky backs, but they aren’t typically strong enough to hold the weight of the stone, so securing them with glue is smart. For an extra special touch, try the clear blue glass stones.