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05/22/2015 09:21AM ● By Enjoy Magazine


June 2015

Engage all five senses as you experience a visit to Enjoy the Store. Breathe in the aroma of a locally sourced essential oil, and linger over the taste of a delectable chocolate truffle. Listen to the strains of an inspired guitar solo, touch the luxurious fibers of a woven scarf, and let your eyes wander through the pages of a gorgeous book of photography. Step through our doors and enjoy a full sensory experience.

The Sacramento, A Transcendent River
by Bob Madgic
“California’s largest river has long deserved a book that tells its story with insight, engagement, and soul. Bob Madgic has now filled the bill with this publications. In fresh and essential ways, the reader will come to know and understand this magnificent river that is so crucial to the ecology and economy of the entire state and beyond.”
—Tim Palmer, author, Rivers of California

Patchouli Passion Aroma Mist
by Feather Falls Soap Co.

Good Night Darling
by Huckleberry Flint

Grace Guitar SKRATCH semi-hollow ash body LOUIE PAUL
by Mike VanBockeren

Osker’s Spicy Garlic
by Osker’s Marinade & BBQ Sauce
Osker Cunningham discovered this special marinade sauce while serving in the Navy during World War II. The recipe continued to be perfected over the years and to add different flavors in the family kitchen. Requests for his bottled sauce became so great that a decision was made to offer this fine product to the public. Osker’s Marinade and BBQ Sauce has been around over 25 years. Chosen “The Best” by backyard chefs across the nation.