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The Basics and More to Your Fall Face

09/23/2015 10:21PM ● By Melissa Gulden

Your Fall Face

October 2015
By Melissa Gulden

Here in the North State, October is often one of the most pleasant and beautiful months. The scorching heat of summer tapers off and the first glimpses of fall begin to trickle in, bringing a crispness to the air that has been missing, the subtle change in lighting signaling the arrival of autumn.

So what are we to do about our hair, skin, and makeup now that Hawaiian scents and tropical colors no longer seem appropriate? With easy skin care and hair, fall beauty is going to be way more fun than you remember.

1. AUTUMN DOESN’T ALWAYS HAVE TO MEAN EARTH TONES: Go bright, go sparkly. Line eyes with silver liquid liner for your new night-out eye look.

Layer on black mascara for sex-bomb lashes that will make your eyes pop. Go with falsies for extra drama. And for those just-bitten lips seen on the runways—a little too flushed to be real—all you need is a dab of tinted berry balm. Call it “au natural 2.0.” After months of vibrant polish, nails get a breather, with nude nails and natural manicures. Try a new part in your hair: If you tend to the side, go middle. Strictly straight and center? Go for a deep side part for a mod faux side bang. Look to those dancer types for the ballerina bun—chic and easy!

2. NOW FOR THAT SKIN. Don’t let the passage of time mute your glow. Here are the ins and outs of exfoliating, whether you need a mild buff or a full-on radiance reset.

In your 20s, a healthy finish comes easily, though late nights, drinking or smoking will zap your youthful dew. How you wash your face matters, too. Use a cleanser with a gentle scrub, like rice extract, to buff away dead cells. Twice daily, apply moisturizer with ceramides, natural fats that seal microscopic cracks, to restore a plump, uniform surface.

In your 30s, cell turnover slows down and dead cells can build up. Get religious about dissolving and sloughing off debris with a sonic cleansing brush and glycolic acid wash. Every other night, work in retinol to boost wrinkle-fighting collagen. A smooth surface reflects light way better than an uneven one.

For 40s, you have to work harder to avoid a pileup, as skin cells now naturally turn over and shed about every two months (which is half as quickly as they did in your 20s). Exfoliate at least three times a week, and wear a vitamin C lotion under your SPF. At night, continue with the retinol, and before bed, apply a peptide cream to up the production of glow-enabling collagen and elastin.

For 50s+, as you go through menopause, oil glands dry up, giving your complexion the blahs. A daily hyaluronic acid treatment worn underneath your moisturizer will plump and refresh by holding on to water.

3. FOR IN-OFFICE PROCEDURES, try a peel with salicylic acid to dissolve excess skin cells. You’ll get a glow within three to five days of the first peel, though some may need several treatments for maximum results.

Light therapy (IPL) will lighten and brighten in an overall way by using short blasts of light to penetrate the skin’s surface, destroying damaged cells and stimulating collagen growth to help create new ones. Speak with your dermatologist about your choices and the best treatments for your skin.