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A Variety of Giving Back Options

10/24/2015 12:45PM ● By Claudia Mosby

Attitude of Gratitude

November 2015
By Claudia Mosby

November ushers in our traditional Day of Thanks, but also offers us 29 other days ripe for expressing our gratitude.

We asked several community members about their favorite ways to give back—actions that are effective and appreciated year-round—and then added our own unique ideas.

Giving of time and talents can be particularly rewarding. The organizations listed below (in no particular order) are worth a second look if you are interested in capitalizing on the human assets you have to offer others.

VOCALiD – Are you a talker? Can you go for two or three hours? Put that voice to good use by
recording your speech, which will then be used to create a synthetic voice for someone who does not have the ability to speak. (

Knitted Knockers – Like to knit? Join this volunteer corps of knitters to personally handcraft soft, comfortable prosthetics for breast cancer survivors. (

FreeRice – Want to help fight world hunger while testing your knowledge? Each correct answer to subject-related questions at this United Nations World Food Programme website earns a free grain of rice to feed the hungry. To date, Freerice has donated more than 300 billion grains of rice to people in need. (

Catchafire – What do you care about? What are you good at? Search more than 80 pre-scoped
projects in a variety of specialties to find how you can use your professional skills to make a difference. (

Code For America – Tech savvy? Use your programming skills to help local governments more efficiently solve pressing civic concerns in areas like criminal justice, hunger and civic
engagement. Opportunities range from an hour to yearlong fellowships. (

Wish Upon A Hero Foundation – Who says doing good is only for adults? Youth can help
establish Hero Clubs at their local schools and engage in community-based philanthropy. Parents and educators are also welcome.

AnySoldier, AnySailor, AnyMarine, AnyAirman, AnyCoastGuard – Give thanks to
service members who receive little (or no) mail. A 100 percent volunteer-led organization, www. provides information on how to get started for each of the military branches.

Games Done Quick – Are you a video game aficionado? Do you want to combine your gaming passion with helping others? Games Done Quick hosts a series of video game
marathons, featuring high-level play by speedrunners who raise money for charity.
(Recently, it raised $1.2 million for Doctors Without Borders.)

“I took good care of my mom through to her death, even though we were never close. If I am only doing things for others when it is fun, easy or convenient, then really, what am I giving?”– Sharon Birkes

“I pay a tithing and serve dinner to our missionaries one day a month and teach a Sunday school class to 6 and 7 year olds. It doesn’t feel like giving if you’re passionate about the cause or if you know it’s good for your soul.”– Brenda Robertson

“I take a 10-pound bag of pet food to the animal shelter in honor of my Spatz because he would have not wanted some poor dog or cat to miss a meal.” – Lorraine Ramsden

“A smile and nod. Hold a door open for someone exiting. Thank a person for his or her greeting, action or story.” – Deborah Darsie

“I’m going to mentor a child at my daughter’s school and am starting to work on a project at the elementary school to beautify a courtyard with native plants that can also be used as a teaching tool.” – Anne Mutschler Create a kindness profile of your good deeds!