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Get Ready for the Latest Fashion Trends in 2016

12/22/2015 12:32PM ● By Kimberly Boney

Sixteen in 16

January 2016

Story by Kimberly Bonéy 

Fashion: a beautiful reminder that seasons change – and change, dear friends, is good. With the new year comes a renewed perspective on life and style. It’s a chance to expound upon old standards or create new ones. It’s a chance to be bold, limitless and fresh. Follow along for our 16 fashion musts for 2016.

Denim Our love affair with the cozy blue stuff is nothing new. But this season, denim takes on a decidedly relaxed take. From distressed and frayed to ruffled and royally embellished, it’s (still) the “it” thing this season. Try all-over denim in the form of a dress or pant suit, or do double duty by donning two distinct washes at once. A blazer will add instant chic to your repertoire. 

Orange everything So, it turns out orange is the new black after all. This happy, punchy shade adds joy and charisma to your look instantly and is ever-so-2016. Find a shade that makes you smile and pair it with neutrals like charcoal, navy, chocolate or ivory.

Victorian Femininity makes its return to fashion by way of billowy sleeves, high-necked button-front blouses and lovely lace. This look doesn’t require full mid-1800s regalia, but a touch of the romance and softness that it can bring is sure to balance your denim and work attire alike.

‘70s chic We know. The ‘70s were a crazy, wild ride. And that’s why it’s so much fun to see it return to us in the form of fashion time and time again. Vintage suede jackets and leather blazers, hip-hugging pants with gently flared bottoms, floral headbands and rock-inspired T-shirts bring back the nostalgia we love. 

Maximalism In years past, we’ve seen an emphasis on minimalist styles. 2016 is waving goodbye to all of that. You don’t have to wear every trend at once (that’s never a good idea, by the way), but the idea that more is more gives you full permission to go as boldly as you’d like through this year. From ornate fabrics, vibrant colors and textures to large scale jewelry, it’s all good this year. 

Just-above-the-knee skirts Skip the mini this year. Try a just-above-the-knee version with wide pleated fabric and a high waist instead. This classic cut looks ultra stylish when paired with a tucked-in blouse, cinched with a belt and rocked with sweet-yet-sassy heeled booties. 

Pajama cozy Please understand: we don’t mean your actual robe, bunny slippers and hair rollers here. We are, however, referring to loose-fitting pants, comfy robe-inspired dusters tied at the waist and the resounding call to be (almost) as comfortable in the streets as you are at home in your “jammies” after a long work day.   

Vertical stripes Aside from the cool look created by this graphic print, it’s simultaneously slimming and elongating. Opt for thin stripes for a more subtle look or bold, colorful ones for a statement-making ensemble.  

The cold shoulder  Show some clavicle this season with a bold, shoulder-showing dress, top or pantsuit. Look for styles with edgy cutouts, asymmetrical designs and both-sides-off-the-shoulder for a right-on-time look.

A touch of Spain Vibrant reds, stunning floral prints, elegant embroidery and ruffled, asymmetrical hemlines take center stage this season, instantly upping the fashion game. 

The updated Oxford shirt The classic button-up gets some fresh new moves this year, with unexpected cuts, bold color options and unique pairings. Wear yours with distressed denim and a sweater or cardigan in a bright hue for effortless style or tuck it into a sassy, just-above-the-knee skirt and belt it for a more polished look. 

Sheer There is something about an ever-so-slightly sheer article of clothing that is simultaneously elegant, decadent and sexy. But this trend requires a touch of restraint, as walking around with just a sheath is ill advised. Pair a sheer button-down blouse with a tank of the same color underneath and layer it with a blazer for dimension. A sheer tunic or dress is fine, so long as you are wearing leggings or a slip dress under it.

Fringe From tassel-inspired accessories to dramatic, wind-catching hemlines on dresses, this trend is sure to sweep any true fashionista off her feet. 

Bows Tie one with the sash attached to your sweater, add a subtle one to your hair with a vintage scarf or wear a dainty one at your neck in the form of jewelry. Any bow will do. 

Fanny packs Sure, they were the kiss of fashion death in the late ‘90s, but we’re here to tell you they’re making a comeback in 2016. Subtle or bold, in leather or vegan alternatives, these stylish, hands-free catch-alls hold just what you need most: your money, identification, lipstick and keys, (also known as “MILK”), in addition to your phone.

Vintage brooches You remember playing dress-up in your grandma’s jewelry box as a child, don’t you?  Well, even now, it’s still fun to dress up in a touch of vintage bling. Adorn your coat, blazer, cardigan or hat with a cluster of small vintage brooches and turn ho-hum into glam in one second flat.