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Legends & Lore

12/22/2015 01:10PM ● By Patrick John

Legends & Lore

January 2016

Story by Patrick John

Recently witnessed lights in the sky (satellite launch and rocket tests, we were told) have had many people talking over the past few months. We reported the sightings during our radio show recently; the phone lines lit up and texting screen went nuts. We also ended up with some lively dinner table discussion about UFOs that eventually morphed into North State lore and legend – specifically, rumors involving Lemurians, Bigfoot and the giant sturgeon living in Shasta Lake.  You don’t know what Lemurians are?  We had better start from square one:

As the story goes, the ancient continent of Lemuria sank into the Pacific thousands of years ago.  The survivors took up refuge inside Mt. Shasta in the city of Telos, described as a multi-dimensional ball of light and energy deep inside the mountain. According to various blogs and witness accounts, Lemurians are 6.5 to 10 feet tall, wise beyond our typical understanding, number about 1.5 million strong, and can come and go from the mountain via invisible spaceships piloted through those amazing lenticular clouds that occasionally ring Shasta’s peak. They are somewhat wary of humans and are waiting for the right time to again reveal themselves and their superior technology.

People come from all over the world to seek Lemurians, feel the energy that Mt. Shasta emits, gather spiritual information and seek local crystals deemed powerful and full of Lemurian energy.  

We must also discuss Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yetis if we want to talk local lore.  There have been numerous sightings of various sized Bigfoots for decades in Northern California.  Trinity County seems to be a hotspot for Sasquatch, and if you believe, there are families of Sasquatch living throughout the North State. The TV show “Finding Bigfoot” made a trip to Redding in November to speak with locals who say they’ve encountered these creatures. The “Finding Bigfoot” team even headed up into the mountains west of Redding to search for Bigfoot evidence. I guess we’ll have to watch the show next season to find out what they’ve discovered. By the way, the show airs on Animal Planet.

Finally, we love to tell friends visiting Lake Shasta to beware of the giant sturgeon that may surface from the depths to eat you for a snack. We warn that sturgeon are especially attracted to the toes of young children who dangle their feet over the edge of boats into the murky waters below. The Redding Record Searchlight once took this subject on and concluded there was a legitimate chance of white sturgeon more than 1,000 pounds in size living in Lake Shasta. There are also verified cases of 6- to 8-foot-long sturgeon being caught in large freshwater lakes.  So far, there are no documented cases of humans being eaten. You’re welcome… hope that makes you feel better.

Aliens inside the mountain, hairy creatures in the woods and humongous fish just waiting to slurp down human prey.  What do you believe?