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In the Spring of Things

02/22/2016 12:20PM ● By Patrick John

Q97 Snapshot

March 2016

By Patrick John

We’re not procrastinators, just economic hibernators. In our household, things start rolling again in March. Spring officially arrives, finances are reviewed/tightened, taxes are getting finished up, and the growing to-do list for the yard and house has to be tackled. I know we’re not alone, and the economy agrees. Historically, March is one solid time of year when folks are focused on finding good deals. Most consumers haven’t shopped much since the holidays, so there’s some serious itching for retail therapy. Grab some of that tax refund (if you got one), and let’s keep the economy moving! Here are some of the best items to grab major discounts on in March:

Chocolate – Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and that chocolate has got to go…right into our mouths!  Time to stock up and save on your favorite guilty pleasure.

Luggage – Everywhere you look, luggage is marked down. Why? We’re between the winter and summer travel seasons, so big discounts can move the merchandise.

Jewelry and perfume – There are a couple months between Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, and that spells “Eau de Savings” on fragrances and cuts to pricing on carats.

Ski/snowboard gear/lift tickets – As we approach the traditional end of the season, retailers want to sell remaining inventory, and resorts want to get you back for a few more visits before the snow melts. Watch for specials!

Boats – As the lake fills up and we anticipate more time on the water, thoughts turn to new toys. The boat shows also start popping up, and many folks upgrade to a new model. If it’s not a must for you to go brand new, this could translate into reeling in a deal on a recent trade in.

Frozen foods – Strangely enough, March is Frozen Foods Month. Got room in the freezer? Lots of coupons and savings all month. The Jolly Green Giant wants you to splurge on a case of frozen corn niblets.

Video games/small electronics/ fitness trackers – Many new game titles release before Christmas. Now that things have settled, games you may not have been able to even find are re-stocked and probably on sale.  The rush on personal fitness trackers (like a FitBit) is over for a short time, but get them ASAP before others start snapping them up for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.

Garden supplies – Specifically, seeds and starter plants. If you can get an early start and have somewhere to keep those plants protected from late spring freezes, many stores want to rope you in early with discounts.

Good luck on those shopping bargains, and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!